Jun 4, 2011

DAP 360: Attention Animal Lovers

Last sunday, I watched in awe as CBS Morning covered some outrageous Designer Homes..not another well designed home for a starlet or the very rich & famous,
but instead for their animals!

It is official, our animals have truly become members of the family with their own designer homes...

Some fabulous ideas - where architects, industrial designers and simply creative minds have been hard at work to bring our pets new "BARK-tubulous" homes...

Image via CBS NEWS Online
Trent Tesch, of Kohn Pedersen Fox, in New York Design
this round, snail like shape, mimicks the circular motion of the dogs...with a little touch of grass on the top! Hopefully, it doesn't need any watering.
and for the cat lovers out there...

Images via Modern Cat
I just couldn't resist adding this one..The pink pod is too delicious!

this is a birds eye view of Manhattan with a difference...

Designer "Green" Chicken Coop

and for those of you that want a little "retro" look...

Camping anyone?


  1. I'm not an animal person but these are great!

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