Jan 31, 2012

Peek-a-Boo: Home Theater Design

All this talk about the Super Bowl, Man Caves, Media Rooms, and Home Theaters has driven me absolutely crazy!

But... there is something to be said about giving the public what it wants ~ and as Leslie Carothers from The Kaleidoscope Partnership shared with us last night on a Live Web Talk Radio event: "if there is in increase in the Super Bowl facebook page by over 3000 "likes" in less than one day, well then".. who are we to argue with those kinds of numbers, right?

So, today's Peek-a-Boo post is going to delve a little deeper into Home Theater design for every size type home! Not all of us have $6 Million dollars to spend on a specialized media room like Jeremy Kipnis

Jeremy Kipnis
But once you start searching for ideas on home theaters or media rooms, some really out-of-the-box ideas pop up!

Themed Home Theaters

Home-Theatre Design

malibu theme via tktheters.com
asktheadvisors design

Multi-Functional Home Theaters

Sweety Design

J Bilhuber

Or this more traditional setting, where a BAR has been incorporated into the scheme..
What I like about this example is that it goes against the trend of designing a media room in dark colors but instead is all white! With the right equipment, and great lighting, we really don't need to have the room designed in all dark colors which can sometimes become very overwhelming especially if you are in a basement.


But as another alternative, and if you really don't have the space for a Private Movie Theater in your home, there are always other alternatives to making movie night fun, like how Vicente Wolf uses an easel to create an extremely original support for the TV in this open plan space.

Vicente Wolf via House Beautiful

So how would I design a Media Room..
Well there are always a few elements that I like to consider so that everyone feels comfortable in this space, and at all times, besides the technical lighting, sound and all the equipment which are fundamental and are a priority for most when considering this room in their home.

Velvet, Comfortable seating
Textures - on soft furnishings, walls (grasscloth,
or fabric covered walls)

Turner David Interiors

Of course there are amazing options for reclining movie theater style seating which I have used but in this option I felt other alternatives would be a little more exciting and add that touch of flexibility ~ allowing you to be able to reincorporate some of these pieces in other areas of your home later on.

My Mood Board ~ Home Theater via Olioboard

These are some inspirational images of materials which in one way or another I would incorporate into a design scheme for this type of room right now.

Betsy Brown
I love the idea of introducing wood as another natural element into a home theater.
This is an outstanding example where the TV can be hidden if necessary.

So are you getting ready for your Sunday Super Bowl party?
Perhaps you are feeling inspired by this post to start rearranging some rooms in your home and making "movie night" a weekly event.

Give me a call.. let's talk design strategy!

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