Apr 18, 2012

Pinterest Week: Tips for Great Outdoor Living

Today is a big day, as I end my day with a talk about Pinterest and how to use it to grow your small business in Westchester at Crush Wine Bar from 7-9pm. (rsvp please!)

This week, I have dedicated my posts to sharing some of the ways and ideas that I have using Pinterest as a tool for my design business.

Whether the images begin on Pinterest, or whether that is where they end up as someone pins them from this post.. both ways, traffic is being driven to both my blog and my pinterest boards. It's a Win / Win!

So, continuing on from yesterdays' theme of outdoor design... I wanted to share some inspiration images that helped me this week discuss ideas about what we wanted to achieve when thinking about the decking and garden design of my client's home.

There are 3 main themes that I like to introduce when I am designing an outdoor space that help create a very inviting and interesting setting.

1. Contrast, Color and Texture
It is so easy today to be able to introduce great fabrics as pillows, cushions and rugs, as most brands have introduced indoor/outdoor collections. Sunbrella and Quadrille / China Seas are two examples that come to mind, however almost every brand today will have a few pieces to choose from or would be happy to create an outdoor quality fabric run of their fabric for a minimum quantity.
Also it is important to remember to add a variation in heights and textures to make sure that every detail pops!

2. Lighting
One of my favorite movies is the film "Stealing Beauty" with Liv Tyler in Tuscany...
Those fanastic dinners and lounging outside, just makes me want to spend a summer there.
Lighting is a crucial element to use and appreciate your outdoor living space during all hours of the day and night.
It doesn't have to be very high tech, or even very costly. Fire pits, candles and lanterns are a fantastic way to bring a little shimmer to this living space.

2. Repetition
Repeat patterns, objects, plants.. in multiples to create a great visual.
Introducing planters as an addition to your planting options in your garden, adds a layer of structure and sophistication to what can otherwise be a sense of visual caos.

I would love to hear how you are using Pinterest to help you and your business grow... or how you would like the design of your outdoor living space to look like.

Hope to see you all in Larchmont later tonight!

*all images from very old cut sheets, and I don't have original source. If you know who they are from, please shoot me a note! Thanks.

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