Jun 30, 2011

1-2-3: Trend Alert: Owls, Owls, Everywhere

West Elm: Ceramic Owls

I'm not sure that I completely understand the fascination with owls, but the truth is there isn't a day that goes by where I don't come across this curious creature staring back at me
in all shapes and sizes...
in every color...
as high-end design statement pieces or as children's decoration...

whatever the case may be, OWL Decor has entered into our mainstream!






In more contemporary design schemes, it can be challenging trying to incorporate your client's collections into the overall design scheme.

Whether you collect owls, photographs of the family, or ceramic plates - this is definitely the case of more is MORE, and size does matter.

Grouping collections together, rather than dispersing them throughout the house, is a much more powerful statement.

On walls,shelves, or purchasing a specific bookcase in order to house the collection..

I say, "if you've got them - Flaunt them"!

To shop any of these items:

Jun 6, 2011

DAP 360: Derek McLane

A few weeks ago,
I had the rare treat of going to see Robin Williams on Broadway in
The Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.

Let me just say that I was definitely not disappointed.

Robin Williams was amazing and filled the stage with his presence, as did the entire cast...
The play itself, was moving...chilling ...enticingly disturbing...
but for me there was another star that emerged from the night.

That was Derek McLane...the Scenic Designer who is the focus of this week's Dec-a-Porter 360*, who created this dark & magical middle eastern wonderland.
Completely contemporary in design as well as respectful of the play, the culture and it's message.

Not too beautiful, suficiently bold and layered
as each scene surprised you with some small new detail.

Simply put - OUTSTANDING!

All Images via Derek McLane.org
Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

After reading carefully through the Playbill booklet, I realized that Derek McLane was also responsible for another great play I had recently seen with Jane Fonda - 33 Variations.

The sheets of music flittering
The repeat of pattern
The symmetery

 are all great design elements

33 Variations with Jane Fonda

After leaving the play, this was another one of those moments where the imagery of the scenic design stayed with me - even to today.

Of course the importance of Lighting Design is crucial, and this is absoltuely true in interior design as well, as they would not live or breathe without the other.

The attention to detail and pattern that are included in his sets are courageous as most scenic designers would be wary or underestimate their importance as they can become lost for those members of the audience in the back...

More recent work: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

However, for a designer and design enthusiast like myself, his work is inspiring and exciting.


Jun 4, 2011

DAP 360: Attention Animal Lovers

Last sunday, I watched in awe as CBS Morning covered some outrageous Designer Homes..not another well designed home for a starlet or the very rich & famous,
but instead for their animals!

It is official, our animals have truly become members of the family with their own designer homes...

Some fabulous ideas - where architects, industrial designers and simply creative minds have been hard at work to bring our pets new "BARK-tubulous" homes...

Image via CBS NEWS Online
Trent Tesch, of Kohn Pedersen Fox, in New York Design
this round, snail like shape, mimicks the circular motion of the dogs...with a little touch of grass on the top! Hopefully, it doesn't need any watering.
and for the cat lovers out there...

Images via Modern Cat
I just couldn't resist adding this one..The pink pod is too delicious!

this is a birds eye view of Manhattan with a difference...

Designer "Green" Chicken Coop

and for those of you that want a little "retro" look...

Camping anyone?

Jun 3, 2011

DAP 360: Hotel Bel Air's Iconic Makeover

Growing up in Beverly Hills, there was one iconic hotel that absolutely stood out as a symbol of our little town and that was the Bel Air Hotel which is the focus of this week's
Dec-a-Porter 360*.

Not too far from where I lived
but their guest list was definitely a little different...

Image via We Heart It - Marilyn Monroe poolside, the image used for the Pool menu
After 2 years, the doors are about to swing open to a fresh new design led by New York design firm Champalimaud.

I was so excited to see what was going to be in store for us and I can tell you - we are not going to be disappointed!

Look at these images, released today, are some of the great details from the Guestrooms and Lobby. 

Images via Champalimaud

I love all the great details that they have been able to introduce into each area - allowing each guest feel at home.

Couldn't you just curl up in front of that fireplace?

I was part of a conversation today with some fellow bloggers about "timeless design". 

What it meant to each of us, and how it can play a role in our work, as designers, today.

This is a great example of how we should incorporate a fresh quality to our ever classical look. Allowing for the beauty in each piece, and the high quality of all the elements (in this case, not only the furniture and accessories, but the service, the comfort, the experience) to provide a "timeless and unforgettable" experience.

Just beautiful!

Jun 2, 2011

Weekend Inspiration: L.A. Roundup 2 - Hardware

The absolute importance of great hardware is never lost on me in my design work

It can change one piece of furniture from 'barely there' to 'look at me!'

So you can just imagine how excited I was when  I came accross this amazing store.

Like a child at a candy store!

Everything from the most vintage, antique and tradtional
to the very colorful - & not just for the kids.
Or simply add a touch of sparkle with a lucite or glass

The best way to re-cycle a piece of furniture..

Jun 1, 2011

Weekend Inspiration: Vintage Memorial Day Mood Board


Images to inspire...

to feel the inner child on the merry go round...


 for a bike ride across the ferry...

or maybe on a sail boat...

with some cotton candy & fresh lemonade...

Images taken by J. Mehditash for Dec-a-Porter on Balboa Island Promenade - a great place to spend the afternoon.
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