Feb 29, 2012

Off Duty Blogger - Back on Monday

Hi Everyone,
It has been a whirlwind of a week as I am headed back home from the Design Bloggers Conference.

It was such a fantastic experience and slightly overwhelming (feel like that keeps happening at these conferences) that I have decided I need to regroup and take a moment to put it all down into words (and a few images) so that I can share with you all my take aways from this event.. as well as wishing a HUGE congratulations to the winners of the Design Bloggers Hall of Fame - it was an honor to be in your company.

Also, if it's pictures of the event you are after -> head on over to the Dec-a-Porter Facebook page and check out some more detailed recaps, an album of some candids as well as the speakers and more!

Here is a link to all of them:

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and in  the meantime, and until Monday, thank you for visiting the blog and please have a look around some of the past posts.

I'll be BACK! {said in 'that' voice}

Feb 24, 2012

Dec-a-Porter 360* - Waldo Fernandez takes on Oscars

It's Oscar season, and I am so excited about watching the show and of course, the Red Carpet!

Also, some great films have entertained us this season and are nominated, including My Week with Mariyln that I posted about as well as Nate Berkus' film "The Help".. among others.

Another element of the awards ceremony is also all the partys, events and the detailed design that goes into these venues. One main hot spot every year is of course the Oscar's "Green Room"
which over the years has had a few different designers responsible as well as varying styles and layouts.

So when I visited Architectural Digest's online coverage of the Oscar Greenroom Design over the past few years I was so excited to share it all in this Dec-a-Porter 360* post, as well as work from this year's very lucky desinger - Waldo Fernandez.

Dorothy and Roy Christopher were responsible for the design for several consectuive years, beginning with this space in 2003 described as “a tip of the hat to the glamorous settings from Hollywood’s Golden Age.”
to this room in 2006.

Then for the 79th Academy Awards, Matthew White and Frank Webb, of White Webb, designed an eco-friendly greenroom with sustainable wood, the recycled carpeting and renewable mother-of-pearl wallcoverings.

For the 80th Academy Awards, Carleton Varney, president of Dorothy Draper & Co inspired by Draper’s original sketches for the Beverly Hills Hotel and her 1940s design of the Arrowhead Springs Resort introduced a mix of white satin, fringes, mirrors, leather tufting, and crystal.

While more recently interior designer Michael S. Smith was inspired by the 1930s and ’40s when creating his 2011 greenroom design.

This year the task falls into the hands of the designer - Waldo Fernandez who prepared us with this sketch

and here is an image (hot of the press!) of how the greenroom looks

Cuban born Waldo Fernandez grew up in New York and Los Angeles, and studied architecture and design at UCLA. Soon thereafter, Waldo was hired by Walter Scott, as an assistant set designer for 20th Century Fox ..and perhaps with this work he is coming full circle.

Recently, his work was also published in Architectural Digest with a feature on the design of Hollywood superstar of Melrose Place; Beverly Hills, 90210; and Sex and the City, Darren Star.

Fernandez incorporated pieces by Jean Royère, Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, and Eugène Printz as well as pieces from Star’s personal collection, notably a bronze Stalagmite dining table and a set of chairs—both by the American designer/artist Paul Evans.

In the bar, where the walls and beams are enrobed in 16 luxurious coats of chocolate lacquer, Fernandez didn't miss a step in creating this very manly and inviting lounge area.

I will begin the Design Bloggers Conference this weekend and will be bring you all those recaps over the following weeks as well.

Enjoy the Oscars! have a great weekend.

Credits *All images via Architectural Digest
Read more on Darren Star's home: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/homes/homes/2012/03/darren-star-waldo-fernandez-hollywood-home-article#ixzz1nHGKobJf

Feb 23, 2012

Color Wheel: Farmers Market Inspired

My last few days in California haven't only been about design and strolling along the boardwalks..

I love visiting the Farmers Market with my family and finding goodies for our meals.
One great surprise was a visit to the gardens and farm in Orange County so I thought it would be a nice way to share some of these nature inspired Green designs and inspirational images on today's Color Wheel.

Vogue 1961 via theuptownbride blogspot

Natural Rock Pools Pamukkale


award winning Panama House by Marcio Kogan

Oscar de la Renta Spring '12 via NY Mag

via beautifulportals tumblr
Pinterest via Jimbo Evans

via bohokid tumblr
via Calder Clark pinterest

Wishing you all a very "Green" day
From California, with love..

Feb 22, 2012

1-2-3: Balboa Island Trend Spotting

I am in Newport Beach, California for a few days of much needed fun in the sun with my family and one my favorite spots to visit and go for long walks is Balboa Island.

In 1899, W.S. Collins, who had made his fortune in Southern California land speculation and transportation, was convinced to purchase 1000 acres of the land around the Newport Bay for development. At that time, Orange County was mostly orange groves and there were no rail lines leading into the area and H.E. Huntington wasn't interested in building any. Collins bought that land for $50,000, dredged the harbor to create the man-made Balboa Island, connected it to Los Angeles via the Pacific Electric Railroad and within 15 years, property on Balboa Island was worth $5,000,000.            
It has had many alterations and additions throughout the years since, and one is from my post last about visiting what became in 1936, the Balboa Fun Zone with a ferris wheel and later in 1986 completely re-vamped with a carousel, bumper cars which I shared on the Memorial Day Weekend post.

These days, Balboa Island is known as a charming destination for locals and visitors alike. Strolling the waterfront boardwalk, enjoying the games and rides at the Balboa Pavilion, relaxing on sun-filled beaches or fishing from the Balboa Pier, there is plenty to do and enjoy on Balboa Island

Today's 1-2-3 post is all about the trends of architecture, gardens, outdoor living that these amazing homes along the boardwalk are so priveleged to enjoy.

From the most modern of architecture ~

To those homes with a greater sense of "personality" and a little sense of humor

and those with major "curb",  or should I say Boardwalk ...appeal..

and with the Uber Extravagence - your very own pier.. with lounge et all..

*all images (c) Jennifer Mehditash for Dec-a-Porter

Feb 21, 2012

Peek-a-Boo: Fun on the Nate Berkus Show

Yesterday was such an exciting day ..

While still in Los Angeles, I had to wait until the end of the afternoon in order to be able to wacth myself what many of my online friends were watching ~ the Nate Berkus Show segment that I was a part of, and having to read the live feedback as each of my Twitter friends commented and shared their support.

So what am I talking about? Let me fill you in on all the details.

At the beginning of the year I was part of a group of three designers that participated in a Design competition on the Nate Berkus show using the online mood board site, Olioboard.


My partners in crime on the show in support of this great new site were

Rachel DeSchepper

She is the Web Editor of Country Living magazine.

"I'm always dreaming of how to spruce up my Brooklyn apartment, and I’ve always got a project up my sleeve: rehabbing a dresser I found on Craigslist for less than $20, for instance, or painting (and repainting) my room until I've found the winner out of 80 different shades of blue-gray. I love city life, but dream of wraparound porches, window seats, and backyard gardens. Until then, I live vicariously through our magazine and website."

and also

Rebecca Tier Soskin

An interior designer, Rebecca began her career at Laura Ashley Inc. in Boston where she focused on Visual Merchandising, Home Furnishings and Interior Design.
In 2005 Rebecca moved to New York where she was hired by decorator Markham Roberts, but since has begun her own firm and writes for Material Girls Blog New York.


So the challenge began when we were set the task of creating a design scheme for a room in our homes in inly a few days, selecting from a few outstanding products offered on the online mood board website - Olioboard.

My inspiration for my home office that would remind me of my moments by the water, with wide Blue and White horizontal stripes and a large dining table used for my desk.

Here is what my board looked like.
1. Art (Sailboats) and Bike chain bowl by Spirit of Sports; 2. Rob White Dining Table & Chelsea Dark Grey 3-Seat Sofa by Fashion for Home; 3. Studio Office Chair - White by Chiasso;  4. DEJA VU Linear Suspension by Blauet & Dome Floor Lamp by Sonneman by Lumens Light & Living; 5. Snug Cloud End Table by Snug Furniture via All Modern; 6. Resort Zebra Green & White Rug & Regina Andrew Bone Veneer Tripod Side Table & Trina Turk Painterly Plaid Blue Embroidered Linen Pillow & DwellStudio Pebble Blue Double Bulb Vase all by Zinc Door; 7. Fade to White in Green & White Table Lamp by InHabit

Not only the possibility of being able to create as well as your 2D mood board, a 3D option.. one that is more realistic and resembles how the room would look if we were to create the space.

The show began with a really great interview by Nate Berkus of Olioboard.com co founder Sheilah MacSporran as she explained the in's and out's of how great a tool this site is, not only for designers but also for those wanting to discover new product and try it out before they make a commitment.
I also imagine this could be a great tool for home owners that want to use this as a way of communicating with their designers the types of furniture and accessories that they would potentially like their designer to consider..

Click the Image for the clip of this segment of the show


So as you can see from the video link above, the TV segment began with each of us introducing our designs and explaining a little about our thought process.
After the break we were back and Nate reveals MY DESIGN as the winning design!

It was such an exciting moment as I see the screen pull back only to reveal the blue and white stripes painted on the wall..
The room looked great and of course I jumped out of my seat and attacked poor Nate Berkus! I promise never to make any joke about these TV moments in the future. You completely loose touch with any reality and happiness takes over...

and to watch as I see the room for the first time, enjoy the link below.

Thank you so much to those wonderful product lines that were great in getting all these items to the show in record time, to Sheilah and everyone at Olioboard for asking me to join in this adventure, to Leslie Carothers from The Kalediedscope Partnership for being such a kind soul and introducing myself and many of us to this great site, and of course to Nate Berkus and his team from the show for making my American TV debut a really fun experience.

For those of you interested in having a look at some of the other items available by these brands for your own Olioboards, please visit these my boards and all these links.

Wishing you all a wonderful week and more from LA tomorrow..

Feb 20, 2012

Weekend Inspiration: It's a Nate Kind of Day

Hello from Los Angeles!

I have arrived to LA a few days ahead of the Deisgn Bloggers Conference next week and am already enjoying some much needed time with friends and family in the sun.

As a lead into tomorrows post, I wanted to share with you some of the design work from Nate Berkus and his team.

A few weeks ago I was so happy to be part of a group that was part of a Nate Berkus segment which focused on the use of Olioboard - the online moodboard site.

I will share more about that tomorrow (a little suspense is a good thing!)
but first I thought it would be nice to have a look at some of Nate Berkus' work and why not start with how many Americans fell in love with him as we began to know him even more through his relationship with Oprah.

As a designer Nate was able to bring to Americans a deeper understanding of all things design which was really great for our profession.

Here are a few examples of his design from his firm now, with a wide variety of projects and locations.

Great attention to every detail, from the walls to the flooring, no detail was left out. Really understandable why Oprah (& most Americans) have taken to loving Nate Berkus.

So make sure to watch the Nate Berkus show today..
and for those of you who can't, come back tomorrow for a recap post all about our Olioboards,
 the other designers and more.

*All images via Nate Berkus
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