Sep 21, 2012

BlogTour London: Day 2 in Visuals

Thanks the Lynn Byrne - My "Kate" paparazzi moment
was caught on film

As everyone seemed to love the Day 1 shots, here are the images that caught my eye as we toured around London visiting events of the London Design Festival with the Fabulous 14 Bloggers of BlogTour London on Day 2.

Our day began with a warm and scrumptious breakfast, that filled the soul at Bill's Cafe in Convent Garden area, hosted by the absolutely lovely Mr. Steam Vice President, Martha Orellana, who came for the London Design Festival to represent the company, and to attend BlogTour events as well.

Thanks to Mr Steam - for the lovely morning

Can I just say how amazing it is, that they decided to join in with us as we toured the events, as one of the sponsors for this event... The pleasure of being able to connect genuinely with those that are supporting us and Modenus has been truly a highlight.

So as we took a walk along the streets of this fun and bustling shopping area.. these are my images that share the experience with all of you.

Mr Goodwill Hunting - Rashon, getting into the English state of mind at Ted Baker 

Our very own "Chatti Patti" - Patti Johnson making friends in Covent Garden
Make sure to check out her FAB blog background for BlogTour

"Mind the Gap"

Always happy - Igor Josif and the sweet Vitania of Verdigris Vie

Architectural Details - Sloane St

a little window shopping

Color Coordinated
Outfit + Biz Card!
Snap.. Snap!
Rashon takes Nyla Free & Igor's pic!

oh ya.. this puppy coming home with me!

I .. Love.. You!

Peter Jones - Lighting the Stairs
The amazing - Patisserie Valerie in Knightsbridge
A favorite of mine.. YUM!

and for those of you .. like me and my husband - you will get this
The Sound of Music cast - Reunited!
English TV show in the morning.. how great!
*And yes there are subtitles! I can't take them away!!*

Hope you have loved these shots.. we are really having a wonderful time

Thanks as always to all the sponsors, and please go back and read up on the previous posts on BlogTour London. More soon!

BlogTour London: 100% Design - MacKay Design Studio

Neil Musson and Jono Retallick, of MacKay Design Studio based in England, welcome all of the Design goers to 100% Design with a jaw dropping "molecular" inspired light fixture / art installation, and I had a chance to find out a little bit more about their inspiration and story.

As the first official day of my BlogTour London visit with Modenus kicks off, we head to the design show in the heart of London known as 100% Design.

Very much a mixture of international interior design products with lighting playing a very large part of what caught my eye... this initial piece, especially.

Just looking through their inspiration board with them, I could quickly grasp the how the worlds of the Irish artist Eva Rothschild, as seen in the Tate Britain's commissioned work played a part in the part of the overall structural shape and form.

Eva Rothschild - Tate Britain

This was the first time a single work has been designed to stretch nearly the full length of the space, over 70 meters and much like the work in the entrance of 100% Design by Neil & Jono, there was a minimal amount of material used while still being able to creates a complete sense of 'visual energetic chaos'.

Both MacKay Design Studio designers continually investigate the new relationships between volume and mass, surface and structure, and with the initial loose take on the new 100% Design logo, the piece was transformed and realized.

Detail: Inspiration Board 

Illuminated Lances of the Battle of San Romano, with drilled anodized aluminium tubes is part of a series of art which was very site specific in galleries in the UK, US and Middle East.
Funded by the Arts Council, these organ inspired almost Star Wars lances, made up lines of light creating forms once again changing the dynamics of the environment of which they are in. 

Illuminated Lances of the Battle of San Romano
Drilled anodised aluminium and fluorescent light through church window

drilled anodized aluminium tubes

Another very special installation work by this lighting design team, was an integral part of the London Olympic & Jubilee celebration as the bells across the town rang simultaneously in joyous rapture! Can you just imagine, how incredible this must have been?

Supernature: Guildford’s Jubilee Wood in Stoke Park

"Supernature" was created using light, sound and sculpture, to awaken all of the senses simultaneously. Although I was not able to be in London during the Olympic celebrations, I did watch each and every event throughout the summer, and this was a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of the torch in Guildford.

MacKay Design Studio acted as creative consultants to Metal Monkeys in partnership with Mary Branson and Mat Clark. 

via Metal Monkeys

The sound and light show, was a sequenced lighting to a soundtrack which turned a Guilford woodland into a magical place. The 9 meter high columns are made up of fragments of chalk, delicate ceramic leaves and phosphorescent bugs; all elements of the woodland itself.

taking its inspiration from the very chalky Surrey Countryside.

Make sure to keep following my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds as well as the posts which will be covering in depth reports about the sponsors that have made it possible, as well as all of the great products, designers and artists that I have a chance to meet while visiting all of the design events throughout London with this great group of bloggers..

Sep 20, 2012

BlogTour London: Du Verre - Hardware That Makes a Difference

The selection of hardware throughout the design of a space, is such a crucial detail, and at times can be overlooked.
But, the truth is, it is one of us "designer's" dirty secrets - as we can take the most mundane piece and transform literally in an instance, with the application of some exquisite hardware.
Design is in the Details!

The inclusion of the firm, Du Verre, was therefore no surprise to me as one of the wonderful sponsors of BlogTour London.

Du Verre has raised the bar on innovative hardware design and the sustainable use of materials.

"Thanks to progressive manufacturing methods, each piece of die cast hardware is crafted in eco-friendly recycled aluminum that is fully compatible with LEED objectives. Known for originality, sculptural designs, warm textures and beautiful finishes, Du Verre’s hardware collections exude a global elegance and classical silhouette that will suit the highest quality cabinets and fine furniture."

From sleek and smooth - modern design..

Lotus is one of Du Verre's first hardware introductions.
It is designed by William Harvey. 
ARROYO is an elegant and original new series of cabinet knobs and pulls created by award winning designer William Harvey.

Forged 2: Original cabinet hardware designed by the great metal smith, Heinz Pfleger.
Collection made from environmentally friendly recycled aluminum.
 through to the textured and hand crafted designs..

Forged 3: Also designed by the great metal smith, Heinz Pfleger., and one of my favorites.
Textured and retaining the qualities of the original forged pieces, Forged 3 will enhance cabinets and fine furniture & made from environmentally friendly recycled aluminum.

Pomegranate: Inspired by nature, the detailed and beautifully textured design makes a simple, elegant collection that will suit fine cabinets and furniture. Pomegranate is made from environmentally friendly recycled aluminum and designed by  Heinz Pfleger.


Du Verre Hardware has had the privilege to work with Irish born, NY city based Interior Designer extraordinaire, Clodagh , on three unique hardware collections:
Primitive, Stacked and Tribal.

Primitive Collection

Clodagh's design aesthetic as seen in some of her work here, truly show her love of travel, and cultural inspiration that has spanned over 90 countries and with a design experience from Residential through to the most exquisite hotels and product design.

All Images of Interior Design spaces - via Clodagh 

Another wonderful collaboration between the worlds of Interior Design and Product development, are a the way that brands can reach across to a much wider audience, and it is so refreshing how these such partnerships, just like the one I shared about with Nina Campbell in a previous Blog Tour post, are making the world of product development a richer creative environment for all.

Thank you to all the sponsors and Modenus for organizing this amazing event - which has now started and if you are following along on the social media networks with me you will be hearing the up to the minute news!

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