Sep 9, 2012

New York Fashion Week - Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2013 with Brizo

Versailles and sensual photography from the great Lillian Bassman, are among many of the influences of the Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2013 collection at this season's New York Fashion Week.

I was one of the lucky few to be included in front stage seating as part of the Brizo Blogger 19 to be invited to not only attend the show but have the special privilege of an intimate "After Party" showing where we shared Jason's first viewing of how the show came together - seen from the eyes of the camera! I must say of the entire experience, this part was especially moving.. as we watched his nerves and excitement as we applauded his efforts and success! 

My journey began with an intense immersion into the world of Brizo and how the evolution of a sketch becomes a reality.

3D "print out" Maquette / Sketches by Brizo designer Seth Fritz

all the way through to the creation of the "Little Black Dress" of the Jason Wu for Brizo Collection!

Carolyn Murphy opens Jason Wu S/S2013 (Photo:Filippo Fior/
 / Jason Wu (Brizo) Single Handle Lavatory

There is a strong thread that seems to continue throughout all of Jason Wu's creations. His inspiration, whether for his Brizo Collection (which I shared here) or whether in the play of mirrors from the great master painters & the contemporary version of the Palace of Versailles' black and white checkerboard flooring of his Spring/Summer 2013 Collection runway.

"Las Meninas" Diego Velázquez c.1656 Prado w/self-portrait of the artist at left & a reflection of King Philip IV and Queen Mariana in the mirror at the back. Versailles:  Grand Trianon...marble checkerboard floors via

Lillian Bassman from Brooklyn, NY, & most well known photos were taken from the late 1940s to 60's after working as a graphic designer when photographer Richard Avedon encouraged her towards a career in photography. Most images were published in Harper’s Bazaar, among others, & Vanity Fair magazine singled her out as one of photography’s Grand Masters".

It was all about the composition and poses of her models, often posed in profile or looking away from the camera with a soft seductive quality to them ... and at the age of 87, Bassman puts truth to the testament that "you are never to old", as she begun to use "PhotoShop" to manipulate the final touches of each of her images. I can't even figure it out!

Jason hinted at his love for her images and that it played a strong part in the creation of this season's collection...

(Photo:Filippo Fior/ / Lillian Bassman via

The Powerful Woman of Today

The juxtaposition of Structure & Form through sharply cut out leather and grosgrain ribbon trimming 

(Photo:Filippo Fior/ / Lillian Bassman via  
and influenced by designers and fashion from the past, among them images from the 1990's, such as Bavarian born Ellen von Unwerth's "Fraulein" with model Tatjana. (Paris, 1992)

(Photo:Filippo Fior/ / Fraulein by Bavarian born Ellen von Unwerth - greatly influenced by Bassman

and Sensuality & Femininity are key elements to this collection.

Naughty & Nice has never been sweeter!

(Photo:Filippo Fior/

Lillian Bassman via (Photo:Filippo Fior/ 

The soft shimmer of cloud-like tulle and the use of Lace and "Jason-esque" Bows on both the accessories and designed pin-thin embellished heels, with crystals, lace, embroidered and stud details.

(Photo:Filippo Fior/ 

As my time with Brizo came to an end, and having had the chance to become so close in such a short time with the team that makes up each and every part of the process - from conception to completion  from inspiration to production, it had become crystal clear why these two brands had become so closely intertwined and why their relationship makes so much sense.

The highest and most careful attention to every minute detail...

Siderna Collection - Brizo 
Cascading waterfall in modern sleek design, with glass detail &
*New* Smoky Glass handles which are Amazing!

For being aware of each and every element of their surroundings and allowing themselves to be free to create, uninhibited and without boundaries...

Tresa Collection - Brizo
With a European Flair and Style

For being Trend Setters, rather than Trend following... through Style and Sustainability & Hi-Tech solutions...

All of the newest technologies via Brizo

I think it is safe to say that all 19 of us, will never look at a Faucet the same way again, and I can't wait to start using mine!

Have I inspired you to get to know Brizo a little better? Looking to remodel your Bathroom or Kitchen.. Find out more, at

The warmest of heartfelt of thank yous, to each and every member of the Brizo team: Richard, Brian, Laura, Jai, Judd, Seth, Celine (who sadly I did not get to meet), Mandy (wishing you the most wonderful next few months) Sarah, and Kristen, as well as all of the others "behind the scenes" that made it possible....

Thank You, for being the most gracious and thoughtful of hosts and for allowing me to become part of the Blogger19 alum!


  1. Such a fab post Jennifer! Love all your images!!! Amaze!! I want to go back and watch it live all over and hang out with you and everyone else!!


  2. This post is truly inspiring. I love how you gave the history of Lillian Bassman and I am now a true fan of her work. So great to meet you and I love having so many new friends thanks to BRIZO! Can't wait to see you in High Point!


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