Sep 19, 2012

BlogTour London: Amtico - Vinyl on a Whole New Level

Continuing on the theme of flooring from yesterday's post, another solution for your flooring is vinyl. Vinyl, you say?? 

Vinyl, is no longer a thing of the 70's kitchen, but has been brought screaming to the 21st century with leaps and bounds, by firms such as Amtico.

This material has a wonderful application in residential design schemes, whether for a private gym or playroom..

Flooring for a Playroom!

Amtico and Spacia luxury vinyl flooring products are very interested in participating in the movement for being more sustainable and "Green" in design and these materials can help contribute to the achievement of a LEED rating system, which is very important in considering most commercial and hospitality design schemes today.

"Continued research cites low-VOC product specification as the best method for creating healthy indoor environments. By recycling both our scrap and other manufacturing scrap into new material, we divert material from the landfills."

So, as we can consider the final design aesthetic, we can also take in to consideration the wear and tear this material will have; it's placement within the overall budget of the project, where in some instances this material is truly the best choice.

*images via Amtico Gallery

and can meet and exceed many of your design needs! It's up to YOUR imagination, and the team at Amtico are happy to collaborate with architects and designers alike to achieve the desired finish.

Via Amtico 
When the opportunity arose for my firm to participate in a ProBono redesign for a Nursery School in our neighborhood in 2001, we jumped at the chance. It was a tight budget (of course!) and a very tight schedule (we had the summer months while the school was closed).

This was a wonderful chance to use this material - especially as children aged 2 1/2 - 4 spend so much of their time on the floor, we wanted it to be warmer then the existing ceramic and also soft and hygienic. 

We had to consider the corridor area, where both classrooms would sit and eat, as well as store their bags and share all of the artwork and crafts that they had completed throughout the year.
We wanted it to be happy, and cheerful, to help calm the fragile nerves as they started their separation experiences for the very first time.

Perspectives - Redesign for the Nursery School - St Dominick's

The hallways and classrooms were going to share common color theme, but at the same time we wanted to use the vinyl flooring to help lead the way, with inset flowers and color coded areas that defined each area.

Before & After (inset - color inlaid vinyl flowers - flooring in the hallway)

Having a resource such as this one, is invaluable in being able to provide your client, which ever the case may be, with the best alternatives!

Thank you to all the Sponsors of BlogTour London - I am "touching down" as you read this post, so hang in there for much more to come!


  1. Wow! I love this flooring! Great post Jennifer! Can't wait to follow you around London!

  2. You did a great job at the preschool Jennifer!!! I totally agree about using vinyl! I'm all about trying to be as green as I can. Great post!


  3. Looking forward to your posts from the BlogTour! Have an amazing time.

  4. Love the gray wood vinyl floor!!! And beautiful remodel at the preschool!!


  5. Love those retail applications! I need floors for our showroom - it's so stressfull..


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