May 31, 2011

Weekend Inspiration: L.A. Roundup - Oversized Outdoor Finds

After a few days in Los Angeles, I thought I would share some of my finds over the next few days in my Weekend Inspiration postings.

It was great being back in L.A. after such a long time, especially seeing how much it has changed and what new stores and ideas have been put out there.

MIX Furniture was one of my first stops, as we drove down La Brea and I knew I just had to stop!

Imagine this as a great sideboard/buffet next to a more traditional dining table and chairs ...
Have to say, that mirror, maybe with a fresh coat of paint, wouldn't look too bad either...

or could be a great planter for the backyard? By a BBQ?

and as you know I am a sucker for anything pink..& these stars are so great and over sized
that I couldn't resist them.

and what about these Giant Pagodas?

I imagine them painted in a gorgeous green or yellow on a the patio...

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors
just love them!

for more: MIX Furniture

May 25, 2011

1-2-3: Art vs Your Reflection

This week's 1-2-3 tackles the Art of Reflection
by seeing how life can sometimes imitate art..

as well as considering some of the Design's Eternal trends:
Silver, Gold & Bronze

Siver = Modern, Sleek, Spiritual

*for details on how to purchase the mirror please send me an email. 
Image of work via  Joana Vasconcelos


  Gold = New-Tradtional, Wealth, Health

*for details on how to purchase the mirror please send me an email. 

Bronze = Stability, Nature, Rustic

Image via  'Playground" via Playgroundology
*for details on how to purchase the mirror please send me an email. 

So what is your Metal preference?
I personally think the most exciting design,
is when you mix all 3!

For more images of TOM OTTERNESS work. Visit his website.

Weekend Inspiration: Who Says a Blow Out Can't Be Stylish?

What a great surprise it was to walk in to Fashion Island and find a beautifully designed new shop...AND they offer to wash & blow dry for $35!

From the Graphic Design to the Space Planning and Service, all fabulous..and I know I am a sucker for Yellow..

but don't you agree that this look is just great?
Just the right mix of traditional with a contemporary flair.


Wish that they would open up in NYC..

No Designer on Duty

Even though it has only been a few days of blogging, I needed to escape the gloomy NYC weather and headed off to L.A.
for a few rays of sunshine.

but, don't worry I have been busy at work preparing some great things to share with you over the next few days.

May 19, 2011

1-2-3: 2011 Trend Cues - Kravet vs. Anthropologie

So starting today a new weekly post:

Let's begin at the beginning...with TRENDS.
That is where we all start, after all.
Here is my 'Practical' approach to 3 TRENDS for 2011.

Although many design blogs cover them, and how there is an overlap between Fashion & Interior Design..
I wanted to share my point of view. lieu of Kravets' Blog Fest Extravaganza..I thought I would dedicate this first one to them!
Here goes...Anthropologie-Home & Kravet Fabrics - both on trend.



Which do you like best?

'Thank yous': All Anthropologie images/shopping : GO TO: Anthropologie HOME
All Kravet Fabrics: Please send me an email, and I can price them out for you. Sold via Dec-a-Porter. Images: Kravet website.

May 16, 2011

Ode to Portugal

I think before I start getting into it I should really begin at the beginning and properly state how much I loved & love Portugal. Of course, there is the obvious connection - that's where I found love and became a mom..etc but it really was more importantly where I began seeing the world through the eyes of an adult..and a professional.

Viana do Castelo
Even in such a traditional setting - the repetition of the flower pots
 just gets me thinking...I love repeats!
 I think I may even create a regular dedication to all things "Portuguese". Now, I don't mean the food, or the music..although they are both great, but perhaps more like the architecture, design, craftsmanship and hard working good nature of the Portuguese people.

Le Club - Bar, Restaurant and Nightclub (Algarve)
 but that's not what this blog is about. No. Portugal has been the root of many an inspiration.
ya..a little more like this

My space in a Designer Show house: a fireplace surround embellished with plaster motifs
Crere Portugal

So really there is a lot to offer up in all things Portuguese (let's just say I am an honoree citizen) and not only design from my firm while I was there but also from the many great colleagues I was so honored to share that melting pot with.

More to come...

DAP 360: Clay Vessels that come alive

Dec-a-Porter 360* look at the work of the ceramic artist Lisa Firer from Cape Town, South Africa which I came across in a little shop in Soho, and had to have one.
You can feel the great craftsmanship involved and the masterful technique that she possess to manipulate the clay as she does, but it's not left devoid of emotion as sometimes you find when looking at yet again another hurricane or candle holder.

These would be great on a bookshelf, coffee or bedside table, or even in a bathroom.

I love lighting all of our candles whenever we have guests over, and I can just imagine walking into a room and seeing these flickering.

Look her up - you won't regret it - Lisa Firer -

May 15, 2011

Pink Madness

It's True..I am MAD about Pink.
I get asked by my clients all the time about how & where I get my inspiration from..
and there isn't really 1 right answer.

It can be a work of art that already exists in the home or one that simply created a spark in me at that moment ..

or a wall paper like any of these from designers guild, china seas or pierre frey-braquenie.

and then story comes to life...

However, today I was confronted with another side of that moved me in a way I hadn't been moved before. While reading this week's TIME, I come accross this image which instantly stops me cold as protesters are 'marked' by pink dye in order to easily round them up...
From TIME magazine
How can Pink be so disturbing? While I spend my days trying to allow myself to feel as much creativity as possible, I am grateful for the freedom of choice that is offered to me.

Pink to me = Love, Happiness, Purity and sheer joy ..
when my little Maya screeches out in joy about how she "loooooves" pink and purple polka dots - I have to smile and say I totally agree!
and so I remain ...MAD about Pink!

Artwork: Rita Canecas

Is anyone out there?

It’s funny how quickly you can come to realization that you are not an international blogging machine..and that in fact, no one else knows about the countless thoughts & ideas I was sure I had put out I had never really blogged before in my life!

I’m sure I am not the only one that is in this situation and that many of you feel the same way (right??). So where do you start?
Which site do you commit to? I almost feel that I have spent more time worrying about this commitment, than I did getting married. It just seems that the more you read, the more you realize that once you choose which way to go and put those thoughts out there, there is no turning back! No divorce, no trial separation. You are committed to each other for better or worse.
So yesterday was the day - I said "enough is enough! I decided I was just going to start, and see where it leads me..

so how will I know if anyone is out there?
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