May 15, 2011

Pink Madness

It's True..I am MAD about Pink.
I get asked by my clients all the time about how & where I get my inspiration from..
and there isn't really 1 right answer.

It can be a work of art that already exists in the home or one that simply created a spark in me at that moment ..

or a wall paper like any of these from designers guild, china seas or pierre frey-braquenie.

and then story comes to life...

However, today I was confronted with another side of that moved me in a way I hadn't been moved before. While reading this week's TIME, I come accross this image which instantly stops me cold as protesters are 'marked' by pink dye in order to easily round them up...
From TIME magazine
How can Pink be so disturbing? While I spend my days trying to allow myself to feel as much creativity as possible, I am grateful for the freedom of choice that is offered to me.

Pink to me = Love, Happiness, Purity and sheer joy ..
when my little Maya screeches out in joy about how she "loooooves" pink and purple polka dots - I have to smile and say I totally agree!
and so I remain ...MAD about Pink!

Artwork: Rita Canecas

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