May 25, 2011

Weekend Inspiration: Who Says a Blow Out Can't Be Stylish?

What a great surprise it was to walk in to Fashion Island and find a beautifully designed new shop...AND they offer to wash & blow dry for $35!

From the Graphic Design to the Space Planning and Service, all fabulous..and I know I am a sucker for Yellow..

but don't you agree that this look is just great?
Just the right mix of traditional with a contemporary flair.


Wish that they would open up in NYC..


  1. I love your Fresh way of looking at Design and Marketing.

    You are a breeze of spontaneous creativity in our world that lacks the courage to design the New.

    Most designers have lost the capacity to actually see what is out there in our electronically connected Universe and just follow the "Trend".

    Good for you!!!I am happy to have discovered your blog;

    Clarissa Mehler,President
    GFInteriors Inc.,
    The Luxury of Nature

  2. Love the idea and the colors ... Great design!

  3. Thank you Clarissa
    What a sweet comment.

    Its always great to know that I am bringing some inspiration to your day.

  4. This is so nice! I remember when it was coming soon but haven't had a chance to actually check it out. With a name like Blow out Bar, I pictured a chrome and black super high tech looking place, not the little gem you picture here.


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