Aug 29, 2012

New York Gift Show: Ceramic Delight by Klein Reid

Sometimes it takes a visit to a trade show to introduce you to a local vendor. That is exactly what happened as I walked into the Klein Reid stand at this month's New York Gift Show. Local artists and sculptors James Klein and David Reid set up their studio in 1993, in Long Island City and the rest is history...

via Klein Reid

They are known for events, courses and well planned studio open house parties but perhaps even more so for their bbeautifully hand made ceramic pieces. Only one of the reasons this duo has had attention from major retailers worldwide and celebrities alike.

I love the classical shapes and use of multiples to create one larger piece. One of these groups on the center of a table, with or without great flowers, are sublime in their simplicity.

But it was these pieces, with the combination of hand turned warm walnut pieces and handmade ceramic vases and bowls that really caught my eye.

The transition between each material was seamless, and each piece was elegant and refined while still maintaining it's handmade and unique quality. Just perfection!

Glazed pieces with hand-turned, warm solid walnut. Perfect alone or in as part of a group

Solid walnut, FSC-compliant wood, hand-turned and finished in the USA.  

These wooden tops are part of their limited-edition series for Herman Miller. Love them and of course both the first and second editions have already sold out!

For those that prefer a little more texture - well that is absolutely possible within their vast selection of pieces.
They are part of museum shows, which have incorporated their work within exhibitions and solo showings and I am sure you can spot them on several TV and movie sets as colorful "go-to" accent pieces for many set designers.


Still Life Wood Set

Lastly, this fantastic set of ceramic logs are sculptural and wonderfully realistic for any fireplace setting..and have picked up by Elle Decor!

Aug 28, 2012

New York Gift Show: Coastal Decor Gone Urban

Oly Studio - Over-sized sea urchin accessory

Taking lead from yesterday's Natural Art inspired post, today I wanted to continue along those lines and share a few finds from other areas of the New York Gift Show.

The use of Seaside inspired materials doesn't always have to be part of a Beach house design, or and island resort, but can become a part of your urban lifestyle statement as well. It just needs to be seen in another context, and I especially enjoy the way it adds texture and a sense of a story to a home.

LomBok Ornament (Large Shell)
by Oly Studio

Take this over-sized sea urchin or shell from Oly Studio for example - hardly a more "urban outfit" for any home exists. These become architectural "objet d'art" within this set, right on target with a hint of black and white hide, on trend pillows.

The use of multiples, whether shells, rattan strands or ropes and knots can also become more of a pattern and textural choice rather than theme inspired at all.

These great accessory items from Lazy Susan  with layered shells and natural objects are testament that multiples are always a fantastic design element. Your eyes need to work to find the pattern, create the sequence, and therefore keep you interested even with the simplest of forms.

Baskets and Mirrors, woven rattan and wicker, thick and thin ... once again these Lazy Susan pieces are subtle statements while remaining understated and soothing with their natural overtones.

Mirrors are always wonderful elements of "Wall Art" with function and design & these 3 examples from the "Watercolors" collection of Two's Company themed vignette are no exception while generously enriched with seashells and natural fibers.

Seashells can be used in many ways and mixed with other natural elements, such as crystals and geodes, can be taken to another level of sophistication and elegance as sculptures within their own right.

Once more, the multiple use of shells and small coral like elements from the Nate Ricketts collection are simply beautiful.

For a bookshelf or mantel, table top or vanity, these jewels are almost to precious to use and yet, simply irresistible.

More on my trip to the New York Gift Show as the week continues. Hope you have enjoyed the coverage so far.

Aug 27, 2012

New York Gift Show: Natural Art

Art is one of the key elements of any great design..
It is a way to introduce color, texture and pattern and mix things up a bit!

I especially enjoy when I come across great artists in a trade show, and especially if I am looking for some special pieces for clients. What a rush to come back from a show and be able to place one of them in a new happy home... This was true of the last New York Gift show and fingers crossed it will happen again.

Perhaps because I am still not ready for Summer to end, or maybe it is because I love surrounding myself with elements of nature and with the Fall fashion inspiration at my heels, I couldn't wait to share these nature inspired Contemporary Botanical Art pieces and some Natural works of art with flowers and twigs.

The State of Nature - Longstreet Collection

These "State of Nature and "Primitive State" photograms from Longstreet Collection takes the art of photography to a whole new level with negative like silhouettes of layered wildlife...

and a silent homage to the French naive painter Henri Rousseau, known for his dreamlike jungle paintings

Jungle with tiger and hunters from Henri Rousseau

or a more graphic like approach with these colorful Peacock Triptychs that could be the icing in a fun kid's room.

If you are more inclined to have a slightly more traditionally inspired botanical theme, why not these great pieces from Two's Company with smart mirrored frames and black background which only makes those colors pop even more!

For those that feel that nature has no competition and want to keep it Natural - here are a few choices that won't break the bank and will give you more then enough to start the conversation over dinner...

Natural Curiosities always find ways to show us a new take on shadow boxes, with these Nest and Feather frenzy framed statement pieces.

From the fields of Carmel Valley in North Carolina, each of these branches are freely manipulated & woven together to create this unique shape while they are still green.

These "Golden Feathers" are dipped in gold and loosely allowed to fall onto the linen sheet which is to become their new home..
Chance and happenstance, free falling art forms are unique hand made & incredibly modern introductions into their line.

While staying in the free form natural art work I came to meet the artist Julie Anne this New York Gift Show and was completely obsessed with her art work.

Pure white "Bleached Willow" layered branches

 or rows and rows of pressed yellow daisies

to the most stunning shadow box of all - a "Moss" field like no other, with layers upon layers of thoughtfully placed bark and moss create entirely unique Gardens for your walls.

Just look at the detail and texture in this piece!

Let me know what you think ~ See one of these in your home or next design scheme?

Tomorrow takes this nature inspired art to another level, as my New York Gift Show coverage continues... but in case you missed last weeks posts:
Australian Masters of Graphic Textiles & Pillows - Bonnie & Neil 
Animal Lovers - Design Savvy Dog & Cat pieces from Harry Barker
Discovering Young Artists: 

head on over to those posts now!

Aug 23, 2012

New York Gift Show: Discovering Young Artists

Part of the fun in attending trade show events, like the New York Gift Show, is being able to come upon some young designers and artists that have skill and some great ideas.

My first 2 posts on the show covered some great Animal decor from Harry Barker, and Pillows and Table linens from Bonnie & Neil, so today I thought I would continue with a few more artisans using ceramic and wood as their material of choice.

At the entrance of the show this year, a collaborative effort hosted by American Design Club and Join Design Seattle

Andie from Biodidactic shared her "Cumulus Colander" with me ... "it's raining spaghetti!.."
and her beautifully honeycomb inspired "Hive Honey Set". The overall shape is inspired by the hexagon honeycomb form and given a three dimensional twist. I love how she has combined creativity & function with form.

Aleksandra's ceramics were beautifully crafted. With a hint of gold wherever the mold she cast from the rock was damaged after coming from the kiln, she somehow reestablishes the irregularities as highlights of each piece.
The fortune cookies, also in ceramic, can be broken to reveal a special message crafted by a few friendly physics.

For some, Kiel Mead needs no introduction.
Recent press (especially for his "forget me knot rings") have put him in the spotlight.
I especially liked the drift wood hooks - painted and personalized, with gold accents. They can be used to fill a wall, or symmertically placed in an entrance to replace the standard wall hooks.

Zoe from Fleet Objects shared with me how wonderful the experience is of creating her new "marble pitchers" (above right) as each is a unique mixture of clay that creates this marbleized effect. "No 2 are ever alike .. " and sealed with a glaze on the inside allows them to be used for cream and milk or even as beautiful flower vases - it's up to you!

So these are a few more fantastic finds from New York Gift Show, hope you reach out to them and tell them I sent you! Let's support our local artists!

More to come....

Aug 22, 2012

New York Gift Show: Australian Masters - Bonnie and Neil

Sometimes while walking the aisles in the New York Gift there is a moment, when you are literally stopped in your tracks! This happened to me as I walked passed the Bonnie and Neil stand.

See what I mean? The graphic pattern on the wall, the handmade graphic images on the textiles and colors they chose made them stand out.

So I got to speak with Bonnie Ashley a little, and learned she and her partner Neil Downie are based out of Melbourne, Australia (probably my favorite of all Australian cities!) and have had much success there.

Vintage tapestry wall in the Brunswick cottage of Bonnie Ashley & Neil Downie.
Photo Armelle Habib Styling:Lucy Feagins/Bonnie Ashley via

Bonnie has a Bachelor of design in craft art from the School of Design in Christchurch, NZ with a major in textiles and sculpture while Neil studied art and design in his home country of Scotland before he emigrated to New Zealand where he took his apprenticeship in cabinetmaking.

Nearly 2 years ago now, they took the plunge and launched their own little design studio – Bonnie and Neil, with textiles for pillows & tabletop and some small accent pieces such as shadow boxes with great prints.

I was so attracted to these gorgeous watercolor like patterns!

The fine attention to detail of each pillow, with fringe trims, beautiful stitching & great feel to the soft linen.

There are Graphic & Geometric images and patterns for all design styles...

or the use of vintage photographs of birds & botanical themes, which have been manipulated in such a visual way, that every pillow or table linen becomes a work of art in their own right.

I love making a statement with my table linen, and why not make a bold statement with one of these great table pieces? Or, throw one of these runners on a console & the whole room will take on a world of it's own. I must have one!

I am dreaming of these pieces and can't wait to use them in a design.. and maybe one will make it's way to my house as well.!

*all images of products via Bonnie & Neil. New York Gift Show images taken by me.

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