Aug 4, 2012

My BlogHer12: Final Recap with Tips, Links and More

Most people think of the BlogHer conference in New York as just an event for those ..well, you know... "mommy bloggers"!
Well, well let me tell you - mommy blogger convention or not there were speakers from the

PRESIDENT of the United States

Martha Stewart

and Katie Couric, among many others
over the past few days and Katie Couric even sends a prepared message in advance!

 I can't wait for her new show

I have met the most interesting bloggers and vloggers of every type, shape, size, and sex and field of expertise. Yes, it is true. BlogHer attendees also include men! (I say actually they are the smart ones, standing out among a sea of very interesting women).. anyway I digress.

So, some of you have been read all about how sent me as their Brand Ambassador here and following my LIVE coverage on twitter @decaporter #BlogHer12 feed, which I thank you for. I feel like it is the best way to share with all of those that cannot be in the room, even if they are at BlogHer but just in another session, what I am learning and the key points that I am taking away from them.

The panelists have been wonderful and very generous with all of their great advice and tips
I am going to bullet point some of the key highlights from the sessions I attended and hopefully you too will feel like you can make your blog a better place for your audience:
  • Brand Building:
    • Pay attention to what brands what, content they are missing
    • its not only about the numbers, it is always about the content and the engagement of your readers. (Hint, Hint: Please engage here !)
    • Your new Mantra for those of you that want to start advertising and monetizing your blogs: "I am Real Estate. You can Invest Here."
  • Strategic Planning Across Multiple Platforms
    • Collect data (You Tube & Facebook Insights) that allow you to become an expert in what your readers want to hear from you
    • a good link for this
  • SEO for Bloggers
    • Make sure that the User Experience on your blog is Optimized.
      • No dead links - anywhere - Google will penalize your ranking.
      • Keep old posts updated by going back and adding new content.
      • Pay special attention to those posts that get the most traffic.
      • even on Blog Roll (make sure those blogs exist, and are fresh)
    • Keep your reader involved by linking throughout to other areas of your site, other social media platforms
and don't forget the power of your voice.
  • Using Your Influence to Make a Difference
    • hosted a panel with many great bloggers that share and use their experience to benefit others. Through tragedy and loss they have saved lives, made new laws, and intrinsically made a difference in thousands of lives.
    • I encourage you all to visit and click through - hopefully they might be able to touch a subject that is close to your hear and make a difference for you as well. 
Lastly, as I know that so many I met in person at BlogHer were excited to hear about how they could use Olioboard themselves and the fun and very engaged community that exits there. So I thought I would share a few dedicated posts from some really fine bloggers and friends online that have written all about Mom Sanctuaries just in time for you all to live the fine life in your last month of summer before you kick back into Mommy Mode.

Mom Sanctuaries - Ideas for You from 13 Olioboard Community Members!

Lesley of
Kate of
Marilyn of
Michelle of
Colette of
Julie of
Jennifer of
Joanne of
Antoinette of
Katrina of
Selma of
Stacy of
Olivia of

Hope you have loved the journey, and have connected with some new blogger friends.
Thank you again to Olioboard for asking me to share the #OlioLove with all at BlogHer I really had a wonderful time.


  1. Love! Love! This post! The tips and links are just great. I truly feel that it is when we share our thoughts and moments of sucess that we begin to reach new and exciting avenues. Thank you for giving of your time and making the big blog world an even brighter place to be!


  2. Love love this post. I am bookmarking and pinning great tips. Your SEO tips are quick and to the point. I love reading what people get out of the conferences because out takeaways are always so different. I did a recap/linkup on my blog it you want to link up.

  3. I like this post and how you rounded up what you learned. I've been wondering how to write about what I took away from BlogHer, too.

  4. Thanks for sharing! We didn't get to go to BlogHer, but love reading all of the recaps - makes us feel like we were there.


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