Aug 14, 2012

DAP 360* - Graca Viterbo - Hotel Bela Vista Part 2

My coverage of the newly redesigned Hotel Bela Vista & Spa continues on from yesterday's look of how tiles played an important role in the consideration taken by the team lead by Graca Viterbo.

Layer upon layer of detail are part of the visual and tactile experience throughout every room.

Traditional architectural details, the existing tiles and mill work, were all elements that needed to be considered and enhanced while still bringing the design, feet first into the 21st century.

Coconut shell tiled walls enhanced with modern decorative accents.

The bar area, rich in warm wooden tones, and
Brazilian wood ceilings and panelling, was no small overhaul.


These before shots show are pretty powerful in showing the amount of work that went into this space alone.


and the use of the mosaic glass tiles on the checkerboard floor in lieu of the black stone from the lobby, as well as on incorporated with great lighting on the Bar & counter areas are once again used as accents and sparkle in this otherwise warm toned environment, befitting of a cozy winter evening by the fire.

These rooms provide a cozy atmosphere for even the coolest winter months which many do not think of when they imagine the Algarve as a destination spot, but I can say that my husband & I would make it a yearly holiday every winter to enjoy the beaches, the great food and off peak season experience for a few romantic days away.

Stay tuned for much more on this redesign throughout this week - next up: A close look at some of the bright and sun filled Suites in all shades of blue!

*all images courtesy of Graca Viterbo


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the trip back home! Ever since I could remember, I have always had an interest and love in Portugal's history and architecture. Os azulejos, I absolutely love, and the combination of blue, white and yellow--absolutely gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more!!

  2. I love the coconut shell tile is beautiful; I've never seen it before. Now, I must figure out where I can get it and who I will let me use it in their home. There are so many layers of beauty in this hotel.

  3. I've never been to Portugal, Jennifer, but this makes me want to go even more! This hotel is absolutely gorgeous! I love that mirror.



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