Aug 23, 2012

New York Gift Show: Discovering Young Artists

Part of the fun in attending trade show events, like the New York Gift Show, is being able to come upon some young designers and artists that have skill and some great ideas.

My first 2 posts on the show covered some great Animal decor from Harry Barker, and Pillows and Table linens from Bonnie & Neil, so today I thought I would continue with a few more artisans using ceramic and wood as their material of choice.

At the entrance of the show this year, a collaborative effort hosted by American Design Club and Join Design Seattle

Andie from Biodidactic shared her "Cumulus Colander" with me ... "it's raining spaghetti!.."
and her beautifully honeycomb inspired "Hive Honey Set". The overall shape is inspired by the hexagon honeycomb form and given a three dimensional twist. I love how she has combined creativity & function with form.

Aleksandra's ceramics were beautifully crafted. With a hint of gold wherever the mold she cast from the rock was damaged after coming from the kiln, she somehow reestablishes the irregularities as highlights of each piece.
The fortune cookies, also in ceramic, can be broken to reveal a special message crafted by a few friendly physics.

For some, Kiel Mead needs no introduction.
Recent press (especially for his "forget me knot rings") have put him in the spotlight.
I especially liked the drift wood hooks - painted and personalized, with gold accents. They can be used to fill a wall, or symmertically placed in an entrance to replace the standard wall hooks.

Zoe from Fleet Objects shared with me how wonderful the experience is of creating her new "marble pitchers" (above right) as each is a unique mixture of clay that creates this marbleized effect. "No 2 are ever alike .. " and sealed with a glaze on the inside allows them to be used for cream and milk or even as beautiful flower vases - it's up to you!

So these are a few more fantastic finds from New York Gift Show, hope you reach out to them and tell them I sent you! Let's support our local artists!

More to come....

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