Aug 17, 2012

DAP 360* - Graca Viterbo - Hotel Bela Vista Part 5

Graca Viterbo has said that her influence for the redesign of the Hotel Bela Vista is a mix of modernity and classicism, where "Miami meets the Mediterranean!"

As I come to the end of this week long in depth look at the newly renovated boutique hotel, from my first post on the Portuguese tiles, to great Before & After shots of the Bar, on to the bedrooms and the use of stripes there all the way through to today's post.

In this bathroom, the existing blue and white tiles are incorporated as part of the design, with the addition of new striped tiles, mirrors and decorative paint finishes which finish off the illusion. 

The outdoor dining areas, also make use of decorative painting treatments, such as the painted nature inspired panel which appears on the newly renovated sideboards and venetian plastered arches.

The strong "Yves Klein" painted blue trims are very typical throughout southern Portugal, and are a staple visual on windows and doorways on almost every home.

The people of the Algarve are very superstitious, especially fishermen and farmers, who believed that this use of blue would ward off evil spirits. Some also say, that the smell of the original blue pigment was a way of keeping insects and mosquitoes out, as well as paying homage to the sea once they moved away.

With spectacular views from nearly all of the 38 rooms and suites, it is no wonder why the New York Times recognized this as a Must Visit hotel for 2012, and TripAdvisor’s ‘Certificate of Excellence 2012’ among many other recent awards.

Miami indeed! This pool is simply heavenly...

The Spa, which recently opened, introduces another shade of blue and green as well as the natural wooden tones from throughout the hotel.

Photos of Bela Vista - Hotel, Restaurant & SPA, Praia da Rocha

This photo of Bela Vista - Hotel, Restaurant & SPA is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The happy Miami like blue tones throughout the freshly designed Spa, the use of woods and deep mixture of hues in the mosaic tile lined walls, all contribute to the peaceful environment ..

Thanks so much for taking this journey with me this week, and make sure to visit for more on their work. Have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for my New York Gift Show coverage next week.

So, when should I say your coming to stay?

*all images courtesy of Graca Viterbo & (unless otherwise stated)

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