Apr 22, 2015

Celebrating Earth Day with Go Design Go

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.12.51 AM
Interior by Mehditash Design
“Having started my career working at Sotheby’s in Portugal, I find myself always attracted to unique antiques and fabulous one of a kind pieces of art that make each design an individualized representation of my clients. By re-using materials and products you are providing them a new home rather than dumping them into landfills. Antiques offer an opportunity to recycle great industrial design while showing gratitude to the artifacts history and story.”—Jennifer Mehditash

Head over to Go Design Go now, to read how these fabulous fellow interior designers make their contribution to being Earth conscious while designing fabulous rooms. 
From top left corner, clockwise: Jennifer Mehditash, Trudy Dujardin, Sandra Espinet, Campion Platt, Kathleen Walsh

Apr 16, 2015


Continuing on the same theme from my last post on "Why You Should Hire and Interior Designer",
I was thrilled to be able to share my top design tips and advice to homeowners with YAHOO MAKERS', Sid Lipsey.

read the full interview here

Some of my favorite quotes from my Interview

"I’ll give you an example from a house I did. It was a second home for this family with young children. When they bought the home, they thought it was perfect the way it was. But the house had what I call “ghost rooms”: the formal living room that no one uses or the formal dining room that no one uses, but they both look really pretty.
So I decided to take the formal dining room and turn it into the husband’s man cave. And turn what would be the formal living room space into a really great home theater. So now it’s a house that actually accommodates the way that this family lives.
I think that’s probably my favorite part of my job: it’s finding solutions to problems that sometimes  the clients don’t even know exist and creating solutions for them. .."

The most difficult part of an interior designer’s job is when your clients start to doubt you. That’s really hard to deal with. In every single project, whether you’ve worked with that client before or not, there’s what I call a “leap of faith moment” — where you have to convince them to jump off the bridge with you into a place where they’re not sure if they’re comfortable. It’s usually in the creative phase of the project when the client has to actually make a decision to let you wallpaper their ceiling, or put fabric on the windows, or do this and that. You’re pushing them a little bit beyond their comfort zone. And you’re making them trust you 100%, even though they’re not able to visualize or understand fully what the end result is going to be.
I get that that’s scary. But I think homeowners forget that if they’ve done their due diligence in the beginning when they hired you, they need to trust themselves. I try to remind them that they’ve researched me, they went to their friends’ homes and got a referral about me. Or we’ve been working together to that point where I’ve proven myself to be trustworthy and that they can believe me when I say, “I know what I’m doing; let me lead you to where you want to be.” And there’s always a moment where they have to just hold their breath and jump.

For the rest of the interview, make sure to head over to Yahoo Makers now - would love to hear your thoughts on how designers bring value to your table!

Apr 11, 2015

SAVE BIG - Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

No I am not crazy.. I mean it. If you want to SAVE YOUR MONEY TODAY, hire an interior designer to help bring your ideas to life.

I am approached so frequently about what the design process looks like and how I structure my own working collaboration with my clients that I decided it was time to put it all down in black and white. It is much more than just helping my clients choose between a blue or green wall.. or which sofa to buy for their living room. My clients are always very smart, chic and highly style savvy people. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT... or what they don't want at the very least.

I help bring my clients' vision to life and smooth out all the bumps in the road along the way.

As part of the process, every design idea will be presented to you through samples, mood boards, power point presentations and even design sketches or 3D renderings or perspectives when needed, so that you are 100% confident with the choices we make together.

An Example of a 3D Rendering for a Private Home

Every Layer of Service Will Be Provided

Read all about a recent install at a client's home in Connecticut from a recent post ..


With everything at your fingertips today, it is so easy to really get to know your designer in advance. Before working with me, I ask my clients to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram - I am much more than just the homes that I design for my clients. As I believe 100% that these should reflect MY CLIENTS vision just as much as my own, searching through my design portfolio will also represent them and their needs as well as the specific architecture of their home.

Want to know if we "click" on more than just design?
That's the best way to feel 100% CONFIDENCE that we will be on the same page in every important decision.  If you feel like you want to Re-Pin every image from my pinterest pages  - then you will know we are a perfect match!

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Want to make sure we are on the same page before committing to the project?
Reach out for more information on how you can Schedule an In Home Consultation, whether in person or virtually, today.

Apr 2, 2015

A Long Weekend Interior Design Install in Connecticut

Having a bi-coastal design business simply means that I have to spend even more time on flights between the East and West coasts of the US. When I get these results, I must admit I am happy to do it!

This past weekend, after my panel during WestWeek, I jumped on a plane and headed to Connecticut, to quickly install my client's weekend getaway just in time for their Easter break.
I always prefer to have my installs done all at once, providing my clients with that amazing WOW moment as they enter for the first time and see it all come together..

In some cases though, these need to be parceled out into a few phases in order to allow for the family to enjoy the home throughout the process. We still try and make the magic happen for them nonetheless!

Here are a few sneak peak moments that I shared on Instagram from that trip!

From the moment you enter this home, we wanted to invite you in with happy colorful surprises, taking this builder spec home to a more custom high end look through the addition of grasscloth wallpaper and painting the stairs as well as a custom gorgeous new stair runner.

In the main living areas, including both the living and home theater space, bright bold stripes and patterns are what continue the feeling of the beach home getaway that this family was hoping for.

Mixing antique finds, custom designed furniture ...

while using soft neutral wallpapers as a backdrop to the different bedrooms and hallways, added that much needed texture and layer to bring this home that extra step.

Could not be more thrilled with these few details and can't wait to be able to finish up the design with more wallpapers on ceilings, custom light fixtures and art as we finish up this design just in time for Memorial Day Weekend!

Love these design ideas..? Want more tips? Make sure to follow along as I share my daily adventures on Instagram!

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