Jul 10, 2017

Instagram inspiration: #MEHDITASH7

It has been awhile since I have posted on the blog.. and boy, do I feel rusty!
To get back into the swing of things, I thought I would share with you some of the posts from my Instagram #Mehditash7 Posts where I curate a selection of inspiring images that I come across and create collections of 7 daily posts.

Here is the 1st of that installment and stay tuned for more or follow me on Instagram for those daily feeds!

Today's 7 Instagram inspiration picks starts with this window from Tory Burch @toryburch and @iksel_decorative_arts wallpapers ! These walls just touch my Mediterranean / Middle Eastern / European sensibility and make me feel at home. ・・・
We have been lucky enough to work with @toryburch on the #ToryBurchPreFall17window displays. This design is Iznik and can be found in the Regent Street store amongst others soon worldwide #mehditash7 

Pattern love. // The soft gray & blue tones 
Working on #patio #patiodesign and thinking we need to have some pattern!! #newportbeach #mehditashdesign#interiordesign #interiordecorating#homedecor #california #californiadesign#outdoortile #outdoorliving ・・・ .. #inspriation via @sarahscalesdesignBacksplash worthy. Soft blue patterns on marble. #interiors #interiordesign#backsplash

I love strong Pops of Color. These pillows are so creative in the use of color and textile combinations by @raychelwade that make this shot part of today's #mehditash7 ・・・
It's pillow delivery day at my West End Avenue installation! #colorcolorandmorecolor #wadedesign#interiordesign #interiors #upperwestside#interiors #homedecor #decor #decoracao#color #pillowtalk #pillows #textiles#textiledesign

It's the color and the stripes which make pretty bow ties that I love of these @pophamdesign tiles. They are part of today's #mehditash7 7 ・・・ Thank you @parisianfloors for this great shot chez @cafetabacparis with our #pophamdesignREP STRIPE #handmade #concretetiles#cementtiles #carreauxdeciment #tilefloor#notileisthesame #madeinmorocco #paris#cafesociety #tiles #homedecor#californiadesign #inspiration #decor#homedecor #patiodecor #patio #color

Sometimes it's the smallest details in an image that catches my eye...
like this stunning wall treatment from @lashmanova_design image. That's why this is on today's #mehditash7 ・・・
#decoracao #decor #decorativepaint #walltreatment #color #interiors #homedecor #home #ifwallscouldtalk

The last of today's #mehditash7 picks ends with @johannapedrickflowers shot of this fun and very creative flower display! Happy Wednesday everyone. ・・・
Wow what a fantastic display outside @kikimcdonough for Chelsea in Bloom. Flowers by @phillipcorpsflowers @maggles15. I'm so excited I've got the day off today to view these gorgeous designs - so inspiring! 
#johannapedrickflowers #weddingflorist#artisan #londonflorist #chelseainbloom#sloanestreet #love #safari #flowers #floristsofinstagram #floristlife #dayoff #happy #allthingsbotanical #monkey #giraffe #livecolorfully #flowers #love #lovemyjob #nature #florallove #floral_perfection #flowerpower #creativeifehappylife #momentsofmine #florist #chelseaflowershow #teddingtonflorist

Brace yourselves folks, 😂 there probably will be a #lisbon choice in every one of my #mehditash7 daily picks. 
Let's just say you can't start with a better one then that via @abranca recent trip. ・・・
💙💙💙So old it is #NEWagain #lisbon#Abrancatravels #azuleos#azulejosportugueses #azul #decoracao#decorativepaint #walltreatment #wallpaper#homedecor #design #portugal#ifwallscouldtalk

Hope to hear from you all soon!


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