Feb 27, 2013

Join me at Design Bloggers Conference in LA

Hi Friends,
I am so excited to announce that I will be part of a fun and exciting panel at this year's Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles.

This time last year, I had just found out that my blog had been nominated as one of the Nest New Design Blogs in a fantastic group of fellow bloggers and friends, and since then so much has changed! 

My panel ~ Case Study: Using Social Media and Content to Transform Your Life and Business will be moderated by Adam Japko and include .. myself.. 

Bill Pryor ~ founder of Spynergy and the Director of Spynergy Consulting. Over the past 7 years, Bill Pryor and his partner and sister have successfully launched and operated a family of unique indoor cycling studios — and also helped others launch theirs. These are small businesses that are fun….and profitable. In addition to running their own studios, Spynergy Consulting provides business planning, start-up, operational and marketing services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

as well as fellow design blogger, Amy Lee, from House of Wentworth blog. 
Are you following her yet?? They will both be sharing really great stories and can't wait to meet them both in person.

Amy’s passion for design prompted her to launch her design blog, House of Wentworth, in 2010.  Through her blog and social media engagement came features on other blogs such as Layla Grace Backroom Blog and Nest Design Studio, as well as a feature in the 2ndedition of Baby Lifestyles e-magazine.  The online Houzz community also voted Amy’s work Best of Houzz in 2012.Through her desire to design product came Amy’s latest collaboration with Plexi-Craft of New York. 2013 brings the launch of several of her acrylic chair designs for Plexi-Craft. In her downtime, Amy enjoys spending time with her husband, Robb, and daughter Pearson

It's an amazing time and this year's agenda looks sensational .. I would not want to miss it.. and still can't believe the incredible company I am in! Take a look..


H.D. BUTTERCUP RECEPTION -  an afternoon event with special guests Jeffrey Alan Marks and Ross Cassidy, the handsome designer duo from Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators. 

President of DesignSherpa, a revolutionary internet marketing service for the home design and remodeling industry from Network Communications, Inc., the parent company of the country’s largest group of regional home design media brands including New England Home, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, At Home in Arkansas, and so many more.. 

Interior Design Trends in 2013

Windsor Smith, founder and creator of Windsor Smith Home, Inc. and Windsor Smith Home Collection is widely known as a design industry influencer. 

Pinterest, Content-to-Commerce, and The Future of Blogs

Cliff Sirlin is one of the Co-Founders of Project Décor.  
Peter Sallick, Co-Founder Dering Hall, CEO Waterworks

Jason Harris, Founder & CEO, The Design Network

Susanna Salk: Designing Outside the Box: How to Share Your Design Aesthetic With the World

There’s never been a better time to empower yourself and create design buzz by tapping into social media. From Facebook to Pinterest, to blogs, to Instagram: what are the most effective ways to share your work and world without it overshadowing your day job?
Susanna Salk helped launch Elle Decor as Interior Design Manager & later became a Contributing Editor. In 2003, she joined House and Garden Magazine, where she was, until its closing, Special Projects Editor. Today, Salk appears regularly on NBC’s “Today Show” to discuss design style for the home. She is also a Contributing Editor to 1stdibs.com, and ivillage.com and so much more.. 

The Collaboration of Traditional Media and Social Media, SPONSORED BY BLOGFEST

The panel discussion features Jenny Bradley, senior design and lifestyle editor at Traditional Home and editor of the digital TRADhome magazine, Kyle Hoepner, editor in chief of New England Home magazine, and Beth Greene, executive vice president of marketing and strategic branding at Kravet. The panel will tackle timely issues such as crowdsourcing, blogger collaborations, and the new landscape of digital media and its influence over marketing strategy for national and regional magazines as well as a major industry brand. The panel will be moderated by Jennifer Powell, Kravet communications manager.

How to Differentiate Yourself In a Crowded Online Marketplace

Evan Dawson ~ Managing Editor and Finger Lakes Editor of the New York Cork Report, the two-time winner of the award for Best Single-Subject Wine Blog. 

Richard Auffrey is a life-long resident of Massachusetts, a licensed attorney, and has been involved in food and wine writing for over seven years The Passionate Foodie.

Charlotte Moss: Show Me Content: Blogging on Design with Originality, Excellence and Ethics

Charlotte Moss is an icon of Southern warmth – hospitality, practicality and, of course, luxury. As communicating through the internet continues to grow, some bloggers disappear while new ones emerge. Is it time to reexamine our goals? What are we really communicating about ourselves and our industry? While there are plenty of great blogs , some have become critics with no background to support their words, some ‘scan and send’ with no content, no originality . This could never happen in print media.


Barbara will talk about beauty, her inspirations, influences on her work, and crafting her new book.
Barbara Barry is among the world’s most prominent and talented designers with classic, timeless and fluid designs that range from elegant interiors to an extensive portfolio of home furnishings. 
Her honors include Interior Design “Hall of Fame,” Architectural Digest list of “World’s 100 Best Designers,” House Beautiful “Giants of Design,” and “Designer of the Year” from Elle Décor International Design.

Showcasing Creative Products and Services Through Social Media

Leslie Carothers (known on Twitter as @tkpleslie) is the founder and CEO of The Kaleidoscope Partnership, an 11 year old international social media agency for furniture and interior design brands w/ current clients such as Olioboard.com –a fast growing global social commerce site with 2D and 3D visualization tools.

Mr. Appelbaum is a career entrepreneur who has founded a portfolio of high growth businesses in industries ranging from Design to dry cleaning & is a co-founder of Project Décor, a creative, social design platform where users discover, interact with and ultimately buy products they love.

As the host and creative force behind The House Counselor on HGTVRemodels.com, Laurie March is known for her approach to remodeling, which focuses on managing both the emotional and the tactical parts of a project. 

Mentoring and Transformational Careers in Design PLUS Special Entertainment Surprise

Patti Austin and Dawn Carroll of the Over My Shoulder Foundation

Grammy winner Patti Austin crosses all musical genres, has made 17 solo albums, and has performed her award-nominated hit songs on the GRAMMYS® and the Oscars she co-founded the Over My Shoulder Foundation.

Dawn Carroll has dedicated a large part of the past 4 years to starting the Over My Shoulder Foundation (OMSF) and promoting the idea of Mentorology – the art and science of mentoring.

Print + Digital x Video = LivePaper

Magazines and blogs have taken similar paths in their respective evolutions. The primacy of the written word was quickly superseded by photography. Now text and photography must be complemented by compelling, integrated video across all media channels.
Newell Turner is the editor in chief of the Hearst Design Group, where he is responsible for the collective editorial direction and content development for ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, and VERANDA. 

How to Build Your Business Through Inbound Marketing with Adam Japko and Bob Hodgson

Bob has more than 20 years of experience in applying database marketing, data mining, advanced analytics and test and learn strategies to optimize marketing programs. 

See why I am soooooo excited??? 

Check out the fantastic schedule.. and don't waste any time ~ Register now as tickets are almost Sold Out!
See you all in LA! and don't forget... more details to come about the House Beautiful #HBCHAIRS Frontgate giveaway.. so stay tuned.

Feb 23, 2013

House Beautiful's "Beautiful in Black & White" Chair Scavenger Hunt

Incelebration of the March 2013 “Color Combinations” issue of House Beautiful, the magazine is goingto Hollywood to launch its tribute to the most classic color combination of allwith an exciting social media happening called:

“Beautiful in Black &White.” 

It’sall part of House Beautiful’s fourth annual Chair Scavenger Hunt, and I would like to invite you to be a part of it. 

Celebratingthe glory days of cinema, House Beautiful's editor in chief NewellTurner will launch the “Beautiful in Black & White” program in Los Angeles onMarch 6 as the team will secretly place 20 black and white chairsin iconic locations around the city - all for the taking!

The streets of L.A. will be have these two-toned beauties carefully placed and I have the secrets to share with you on How to Win this FANTASTIC Frontgate outdoor chair from the "Donatella Collection"!

Donatella Arm Chair - Frontgate - Outdoor Collection

As part of this campaign, I was asked to share one of my favorite *oldie but goodies* from Old Hollywood and what perfect timing the day before the Oscars.. 

...so of course the first film that came to mind was a favorite film starring Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. What is more "Old Hollywood" then this dynamic duo?

TOP HAT: 1935

aren't you swaying back and forth just listening to this?? 

"Cheek to Cheek” still remains one of the most memorable moments from this movie and showcases these two stars at their very best. Even the flying feathers from Roger's dress, which she helped design, couldn't damper the true cinematic moment that was created by this scene.

Top Hat: 1935/ Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers

Lavish sets greatly inspired in the ART DECO period seem to perfectly integrate the Donatella Chair from Frontgate, even though there is a slight Baroque undertone, the curves and overall form couldn't be more perfectly suited within this "Hollywood Glam" vibe .. doesn't it just seem right?

*PIN TO WIN* - Stay tuned to House Beautiful news on HouseBeautiful.com  and Dec-a-Porter on Twitter

Carol Clark and Van Nest Polglase created this stage set in the Lido of Venice. Italy, with elaborate Hollywood-esque staircases and ornamental bridges which acted as a perfect backdrop to Astaire & Rogers, the stunning wardrobe and music as they danced each scene - transporting the audience from the dark moments of their reality to a world of lush extravagance and luxury.

Top Hat: 1935/ Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers
Top Hat: 1935/ Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers

And in keeping with the House Beautiful's Black & White theme - the strong contrasts of these sets were enhanced with creative set decorator and production tricks with darkened canals dyed black to enrich and enhance the contrast of the very bright whites. 

Top Hat: 1935/ Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers


It is as easy as 1 -2 3 to be part of the "House Beautiful Scavenger Hunt" & 
here’s how it works:
  1. Follow House Beautiful @HouseBeautiful on Twitter forclues about where to find and win “your” chair in LA between March 6th - 7th. 
  2. Make sure to follow ME on twitter @decaporter and onMarch 5th I will share the much needed clues on whereto find this chair using the hashtag #hbchairs
  3. Stay tuned for House Beautiful's Pinterest Contest in which you will be asked to include at leastone pin from this post!! (I made a special *Pin to Win* Picture just for this!)
  4. Follow us both on Pinterest too -> Dec-a-Porter and House Beautiful
See you soon ~ March 5th on Twitter
& March 6/7th -> See You In LA! 

and the winner is:

via House Beautiful's Facebook page
Couldn't make it to Los Angeles?

You can still enter to win a free chair in the Pinterest sweepstakes starting March 11th.

Starting March 11, 2013, repin three or more of your favorite pins from House Beautiful's Beautiful Black and White Pinterest board. You'll be automatically entered to win one of five chairs we're giving out from Room & BoardRoom ServiceTargetGrandin Road, and Frontgate
Stay tuned next week for the official details on how to enter and the sweepstakes rules.
To Play:
2. Repin 3 or more favorite images from a designated Pinterest board on our site, we'll tell you where to find it next week. You're entered to win!

Thanks so much to Jenni Pulos, from Bravo’s Flipping Out and Interior Therapy.

film Top Hat sources: GlamAmour ; Storify ; IMdb

Feb 7, 2013

Hey Designers, Architects & Rug Lovers - This will rock your world!

Attention: All Interior Designers, Architects, Decorators, Homeowners, and Rug manufacturers and retailers...

This simple piece of modern technology has so much potential to change how we light up a room AND have a great area rug at the same time!

I came across these flat extension cords via Pinterest, and posted it onto my Facebook page.
Within a day it had over 100 shares! (let's just say, for my little page that's VIRAL people!!)

So I thought I had to share it with you, my loyal "blog-istas", too. So here you are!

Presenting - "Post Line" by Designer: Chen Ju Wei

So now, this is possible..
design/image: Bunny Williams 

design/image: Bunny Williams 
and this...

Lisa Sherry design via Lonny
Mark D Sikes Michael Griffin Lonny
without risk of killing yourself tripping over extension cords hidden underneath tables and rugs.

From the comments on the original post, there are some electrical concerns, perhaps let's just think
of this as a idea in the making but one that has obviously a huge place in the market!

So - if anyone does have more information, or has this in production, please leave a comment below and let us hear about your experience!

*all images of product & discovery via Yanko Design

Feb 6, 2013

DAP 360* - Celerie Kemble Schumacher Collection - Part 2

Celerie Kemble Photo: Claiborne Swanson Frank, in American Beauty

"...I'm just custom mixing someone's space so it will be part of their identity."               - Celerie Kemble  (Elle Decor)

Continuing my interview with Celerie Kemble and the team at Schumcher from yesterday's post,
I begin by asking Celerie how the new wallcoverings play a part in the story of the already successful collaboration with Schumacher, in her fabric collection.

DAP: When creating your new wallpaper collection, did the fabrics in your existing collection play any role in your creative process or was the inspiration for the new collection free from any creative constraints?

CK: Having the experience of working with Schumacher on the fabrics gave me faith that the execution of my designs, even if the concept was a stretch technically or creatively, would be flawless. So, that certainty was really freeing - it let me think that too big was o.k. and 

the the crazy colors I was craving would be given a chance in the marketplace, even if they weren't going to be sure things...." 

A few of the papers and fabrics do coordinate well and few are entirely new and are meant to stand in their own.

I never once held the fabrics next to the papers as we were designing ...but there is a cohesion in the two collections.

"I am drawn to certain patterns, colors, textures and their influence is reflected in my designs so there is only unconscious coordination {between the two}."

DAP: How did you imagine that these different patterns and designs would be used?

CK: I really think about where each pattern is likely to be used and I tried to create a pallet that would reflect well in those circumstances.

For instance - Hot House, which was a brazen mix of colors in the fabric story..

Hot House: Fabric Collection & new Wallcovering Collection
.. is now a cream tone on ethereal light backgrounds. As a paper I think it would likely be used in more more feminine spaces: bedrooms, or serene sitting areas.
The scale and the pattern drive the statement so I dialed color out to keep the impact focused on those elements. 

Feather Bloom

In another case, say Feather Bloom ..

I felt it was o.k. to use super deep colors because it would be very exciting to see in moody, jewel box rooms: 
Libraries, Dining Rooms and Powder Rooms.

We scaled it so it would also look right on a ceiling.

The Stylized floral motifs in 'Feather Bloom' wallcoverings are comprised of radiating circular flower petals and the over-scaled hand print have a hand-painted quality, which is softened by its textured sisal ground.
The palette includes nature-derived tones of jade green and China blue as well as chic art deco-inspired shades of plum and silver grey and can be seen here.

Celerie's mood board: Feather Bloom

DAP: When you imagined them within your own design work, do you feel that it is a natural continuation of the process to then incorporate them within your Interior Design projects? Because of their adaptability can you reuse them in different ways and still feel that you are presenting unique schemes that are fresh?

CK: Absolutely - I feel my collection is like a troop of Circe du Soleil acrobats- with different music and in costumes of different colors they can take on varying rolls. 

For example, my Flame pattern in the "Waltz" colorway tells a classic and elegant story, perfect for an entry hall, dining room, or study...

Flame - Waltz; Celerie Kemble designs; mood board for Flame

while the blue and berry tones of the "Cha-Cha" color way is much more of a fashion play.
I can see it in a super chic library on the ceiling or int the interior cabinets of a dark lacquered bookcase.

Celerie Kemble designs; Flame: Cha-Cha

DAP: How do your clients react, when you present your collections to them as part of the design scheme?
CK: I'm usually very careful with my clients homes because I don't want them to feel any conflict of interest or pressured to use my products for fear of hurting my feelings...but in some cases these papers were being developed in a timeline alongside a clients design scheme and inevitably the colors and scale matched into the project at hand because they would all become married in my head. 

Six months later as we were trying to pick a Powder Room paper my client laughed at the clouds pattern being exactly the scale, vibe, and color pallet her powder room needed.  In that case It was a bit more confluence than kismet.

Cirrus Clouds - Shanghai

"It's all about the client, not about you. Be prepared to make beds and put away your clients' dishes. You're the interface between reality and aspiration, and your job is to make people feel good about themselves and their rooms."                                         - Celerie Kemble via Elle Decor

Can't get enough of Celerie and her fabulous taste - try some of the great books!

I just wanted to send a huge thank you to the entire team of Schumacher, and Celerie Kemble for taking the time to share their thoughts and musings on this fabulous new collection.

Please, leave a comment on what your favorite patterns and color ways are, and how you plan on using them in your design schemes! Can't wait to hear all about it...
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