Feb 7, 2013

Hey Designers, Architects & Rug Lovers - This will rock your world!

Attention: All Interior Designers, Architects, Decorators, Homeowners, and Rug manufacturers and retailers...

This simple piece of modern technology has so much potential to change how we light up a room AND have a great area rug at the same time!

I came across these flat extension cords via Pinterest, and posted it onto my Facebook page.
Within a day it had over 100 shares! (let's just say, for my little page that's VIRAL people!!)

So I thought I had to share it with you, my loyal "blog-istas", too. So here you are!

Presenting - "Post Line" by Designer: Chen Ju Wei

So now, this is possible..
design/image: Bunny Williams 

design/image: Bunny Williams 
and this...

Lisa Sherry design via Lonny
Mark D Sikes Michael Griffin Lonny
without risk of killing yourself tripping over extension cords hidden underneath tables and rugs.

From the comments on the original post, there are some electrical concerns, perhaps let's just think
of this as a idea in the making but one that has obviously a huge place in the market!

So - if anyone does have more information, or has this in production, please leave a comment below and let us hear about your experience!

*all images of product & discovery via Yanko Design


  1. Jennifer these are awesome!! Thanks for sharing this; I'm going to include it into my Fab Finds for tomorrow's post!!!


  2. Rugman dot com seems to carry oriental rugs made out of silk, wool and some other handmade materials.


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