Oct 15, 2015

East Coast to West Coast - Design Talk at High Point

"East Coast to West Coast Design via High Point Market"

From NY to LA, America's top Designers, Bloggers, & Editors discuss their latest projects, inspiration & what's hot in their part of the world today. That is what this fabulous group of design savvy woman (and I :-) will be sharing during our talk in the middle of the hustle and bustle of High Point Market this Saturday.

Are you headed to High Point? It is 6 days of EXTREME design scouting..buying..and sourcing for the world's leading interior designers, retailers, and editors and bloggers. It is a city. It is impossible to see it all, and I have had the privilege to attend as both a designer and speaker on many occasions and still get those nervous butterflies each time as I prepare to go. It is the anticipation of knowing that I will indeed be unable to see it all but oh boy am I going to try!!

So who are these women that will be sharing their experience of the design industry as seen from across the country?

Robin Baron, is the interior designer and lifestyle expert behind  www.SimplifyingFabulous.com Blog, and is the President of ASID NY Metro Chapter. 

With a wide range of experience in design, while appearing on HGTV and the like, I first met Robin when we were both V&M Insiders right at the very beginning of this blog!

and Robin was also a designer for the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island (although not the same year as I) but her room was pretty fabulous!

Robin Baron for Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

Jeanne Chung is an interior designer based in Pasadena, California and the founder/editor of www.CozyStylishChic.com design blog. She's known for her classic yet fresh and modern design aesthetic and is one of this market's Style Spotters! Her life in various countries, her experience in Fashion for nearly 20 years spending much of that time in Bali. 

Hand Rendering - Jeanne Chung

With both fashion and design degrees, Jeanne shares her multifaceted style with her design clients through some pretty fabulous hand renderings and now able to find her at her new shop in Old Town Pasadena! make sure to visit.

Paloma Contreras of www.LaDolceVitablog.com is an interior decorator, & award winning blogger based in Houston, Texas, with a modern take on traditional style. 

From the widely popular La Dolce Vita blog, that Paloma started in 2007 through to her most recently opening her own design firm, she has counted on numerous successes such as being named as House Beautiful's New Wave Designer

Paloma Contreras Design

Last but not least, I will be on this panel sharing all the fun I have had learning about design on both coasts of the US.

Well hopefully you all read my blog (because here you are!) and know that I am also an Editor @ Large for California Home + Design magazine focusing on Southern California..

But did you also know that I too have had a design business since 1999?? And that the business has had offices in Portugal .. New York.. and now based in Newport Beach.

Well, it is true.
I have been blessed to work on both commercial design such as spas and hotels..

Mehditash Design: 2014 (john Gruen)

Mehditash Design: 2014 (John Gruen)

as well as residential design with now a stronger emphasis on designing homes in California.
So if you are reading this and have a home in California, reach out today and let's make some design magic happen together!

and a huge thanks and shout out of congratulations goes to the ANTIQUES & DESIGN CENTER and Amanda Kinney as they celebrate their 5th year.

A must visit stop on anyone's tour of High Point market. It is home to a wide variety of vintage

Tuesdays on the Boulevard
Antique & Design Center

and antique sources

Nancy Price Home - Antique & Design Center
that allow every designer to create those unique and one of kind schemes that our clients desire.

So join us and make sure to follow along on my Instagram account #decaporterfinds as I share all the goodies I spot during market.

Saturday, October 17  --  1:30pm - at the Antique & Design center
"East Coast to West Coast Design via High Point Market"

Oct 14, 2015

Designer Library: Kathryn M. Irelands' "Inspired By..."

The new book "Inspired By..." from California interior and textile designer, Kathryn M Ireland, is not your typical design/coffee table book. Instead, it's more of a celebration of friendships that Kathryn has fostered over the years, and it's their homes and design that we end up becoming inspired by in this book. 

Pages 38-39 (Barry Dixon's library) - Edward Addeo

Pages 60-61 (Michael Bruno's bedroom) - Tim Street-Porter

Kathryn M Ireland

"It is about the friends and colleagues whose individuality and passion for design have inspired my life and work," shares Kathyrn.

Page 70 (Donna Dixon Aykory's kitchen) - Tim Beddow

Pages 130-131 (Lady Annabel Goldsmith's Sitting Room) - Tim Beddow
Pages 158-159 (Fiona Lewis' living room) - Tim Beddow

A true ode to design, inspiration, and friendship and a wonderful book for the start of the new year. You can buy it from her site, here, for $45. 

Originally posted: California Home + Design 01/08/15

Oct 13, 2015

Designer Library: "Barbie Penthouse" By Nicole Sassaman

Ever wanted to live in your own Barbie dream house? Nicole Sassaman sure did. In fact, she spent many hours fantasizing about it as a child. 

From her humble beginnings in Shreveport, Louisiana to making her most lavish dreams come true, Sassaman felt a strong connection to this project. She purchased this penthouse in 2012 directly from Barbara "Barbie" Segal who inherited it from her parents and Mattel toy founders (not to mention the Barbie doll creators) Ruth and Elliot Handler.

Contemporary kitchen with a $58,000 custom-made La Cornue stove, modern ceiling light fixtures, and a view overlooking Los Angeles. Photographer: Zach Lipp

Details of the neutral tones and finishes in the kitchen. Photographer: Thomas Hencz

After a $3.5M renovation, Sassaman transformed the 3-bedroom, 3-bath, 3,000 square foot condo into nothing short of Barbie's grown up dream palace, but not before creating a beautiful book documenting every bit of the project.

The open floor plan living space pays homage to Barbie while remaining sophisticated and clean. A contemporary ceiling lighting solution and natural stone lit fireplace complements the design. Photographer: Zach Lipp

The formal dining area relies on the pop of color from the contemporary art. It's the neutral palette carried throughout the condo that provides the backdrop for these moments of unexpected satire and whimsical art. Photographer: Grey Crawford

Chic selections of Holly Hunt furniture among the natural stones, mirror, and glass with leathers and soft textures all play a part in setting this tone and allowing for the spectacular views throughout. Photographer: Zach Lipp

In the master bedroom, Holly Hunt furniture and modern lighting fixtures are bridging the gap between the feminine Barbie influence while providing more masculine linear details as a balance. Photographer: Grey Crawford

In her daughter's bedroom, the Barbie art and mobile are every little girl's fantasy. Photographer: Grey Crawford

In the guest bedroom, the same neutral palette has been carried through but accented by some stronger coral tones as seen in the art above. Photographer: Thomas Hencz

While in the bathroom, the Trove wall covering intermingles in perfect harmony with the textured backdrop and wooden sink, creating an inviting space with both design and function. Photographer: Grey Crawford

A life-sized Barbie mannequin greets visitors to the condo (which Sassaman dresses in different outfits according to the season and occasion). Photographers: Zach Lipp (left), Grey Crawford (right)

The wine cellar is a stand-alone glass floor-to-ceiling box off the living room. Photographers: Grey Crawford (left), Thomas Hencz (right)

Detail of one of the many Barbies seen throughout the penthouse. Photographers: Zach Lipp (left), Thomas Hencz (right)
Today, Nicole continues to transform homes (as she has since the '90s) that she purchases throughout Los Angeles. She has been featured on HGTV and the Style Network as well as sharing tips online and through other published books. Pick up a copy of "Barbie Penthouse" here
 "Barbie Penthouse" By Nicole Sassaman
Originally posted: California Home + Design 01/28/15

Oct 12, 2015

Designer Library: Nicky Haslam: A Designer’s Life by Nicky Haslam

Famed British interior designer Nicky Haslam has an illustrious pedigree and career with enviable beginnings having spent time working as a contributing editor for Vogue and Tatler, mingling with everyone from the British elite to royalty. Haslam's client roster (since opening his interior design firm of the same name in 1972) have included, among hundreds of others, Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, as well as having been asked to design parties for the Prince of Wales, Lord Rothschild, Tina Brown, and Sir Evelyn and Lady de Rothschild. 

Nicky Haslam: A Designer’s Life by Nicky Haslam (Rizzoli New York 2015) is the fourth book installment. Showcasing his personal scrapbooks and design archives that highlight key career moments alongside the signature "Haslam aesthetic" combines a myriad of inspirations, glamorous designs, and creative ingenuity, all brought to life by his amusing anecdotes and astute observations. 

True inspiration comes from flipping through the pages of this thought provocateurs' enviable collection of designs. An artist since his days at Eton, Haslam's interior watercolor renderings are held by the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as The Royal Institute of British Architects and command high prices at auction. From the most contemporary and modern to the most exquisitely classical applications of wallpaper and draperies, Haslam proves that a true artist is not limited by trend or theme, but instead can push the boundaries of creativity given the opportunity to dream big. An absolute must for any design lovers library this summer. You can grab a copy of the book here


"Personal taste, in all its variations—the eccentric, the grand gesture, the flamboyant, the simple, and often downright hilarious—is the grist to my visual mill. It always was, it always will be.”    –Nicky Haslam from the Introduction 

Originally posted California Home+Design 07/22/15
All images courtesy of Rizzoli - from Nicky Haslam: A Designer’s Life by Nicky Haslam (Rizzoli New York 2015) 

Oct 11, 2015

Designer Library: Justina Blakeney - The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes

In The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes LA-based designer and blogger Justina Blakeney defines “new bohemians” as highly creative individuals who embrace unconventional, free-spirited, no-rules lifestyles and apply that attitude in all areas of their existence, including their homes. With little distinction between work and play, the new boho home is a breeding ground for creative enterprise and exploration.

We had the pleasure to meet Justina AKA The Jungalow during our panel at West Week at the Pacific Design Center, when she graciously shared her tips and advice on growing your personal brand online, highlighting her use of both Instagram and Pinterest. Her love of the true bohemian lifestyle shines through anywhere she shares her vision and this book is no different.

The New Bohemians explores 20 homes from across the country that best capture the bohemian spirit. Exclusive interviews with the owners, as well as 12 DIY projects created by Blakeney, offer insight into achieving this aesthetic.

In addition to the awe-inspiring images, this book also includes an “Adopt An Idea” section for each home which contains general décor, styling, shopping tips, and a “Plant-o-Pedia” with tips for creating and caring for the plant installations seen in the pages. The New Bohemians is sure to inspire readers to create, to reuse, to grow, to let loose, and to invite some cool and collected energy into their own homes.

Make sure to go out and grab your copy today.

Originally posted: California Home + Design  06/18/15
The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes  (Stewart, Tabori & Chang; May 2015; Hardcover; U.S. $35.00),

Oct 10, 2015

Designer Library: Bunny Williams' On Garden Style

Since 1998, Bunny Williams has been recognized as much more than an expert on interiors and "On Garden Style" has brought to light her undeniable, deep love and understanding of outdoor environments.
In Bunny Williams' "On Garden Style," recently published through Abrams Books, she visits impeccably designed gardens around the world, shedding light on the key components that make a garden so appealing and idyllic. The chapters entitled, Imagine, Good Bones Make Good Rooms, and Planting With Style, shed light on the intuitive and thoughtful approach to the exterior landscapes that are shared in this book. 
Williams offers advice for bringing it to fruition—the garden structure, furnishing the space, and establishing an aesthetic. The book also includes plant lists, a reading list, and other useful resources.
As we begin to work on our outdoor living spaces for summer, make sure to get a copy of this book to help inspire you to create your own personal style within your home as well as outdoors. You can grab a copy for yourself here

As originally posted for California Home+Design 06/03/15
All images courtesy of Bunny Williams On Garden Style; Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2015

Oct 9, 2015

Designer Library: Windsor Smith Homefront - Design for Modern Living

As part of my designer library book reviews, originally posted as part of my contribution to California Home + Design magazine's online Bookshelf series I wanted to recap some of my favorites, and will share one a day over the next week before my trip to High Point.

Acclaimed California interior designer, Windsor Smith, brings her first book to life this season filled with neutral tones plus the crisp black and white contrasting design schemes we associate with Windsor.

"There are so many modern elements that co-exist beautifully with more classic pieces. Furniture should never look like it landed from another planet." -Windsor Smith
Antiques are loosely integrated within Smith’s contemporary design aesthetic that Gwyneth Paltrow so eloquently shares in the foreword of the book, "Windsor’s talent was not only artistic, it was intuitive. Her goal was to create a space for us to love in, not just live in...”
"Giving the old a new perspective is critical to good design. The craftsmanship of pieces with a provenance makes them irresistible." -Windsor Smith
Her vibrant and “oh so California” friendly personality comes through in every room. Make sure to look carefully as you flip through these pages, what appears to be casual and streamlined design is actually laden with layer upon layer of highly thoughtful architectural and interior details. Absolutely the new design book to add to your library and you can snag a copy here.

Photos courtesy of Cindy Gold / Victoria Pearson (cover)
Posted originally on California Home + Design - 05/28/15
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