Oct 10, 2015

Designer Library: Bunny Williams' On Garden Style

Since 1998, Bunny Williams has been recognized as much more than an expert on interiors and "On Garden Style" has brought to light her undeniable, deep love and understanding of outdoor environments.
In Bunny Williams' "On Garden Style," recently published through Abrams Books, she visits impeccably designed gardens around the world, shedding light on the key components that make a garden so appealing and idyllic. The chapters entitled, Imagine, Good Bones Make Good Rooms, and Planting With Style, shed light on the intuitive and thoughtful approach to the exterior landscapes that are shared in this book. 
Williams offers advice for bringing it to fruition—the garden structure, furnishing the space, and establishing an aesthetic. The book also includes plant lists, a reading list, and other useful resources.
As we begin to work on our outdoor living spaces for summer, make sure to get a copy of this book to help inspire you to create your own personal style within your home as well as outdoors. You can grab a copy for yourself here

As originally posted for California Home+Design 06/03/15
All images courtesy of Bunny Williams On Garden Style; Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2015

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