Apr 30, 2014

A Week of Design Inspiration

Hello Spring! Right?

I for one am ready to throw all the winter clothes right out and with the winter blues that seem to want to bring down our Spring Mood, I wanted to share with you some exciting events that I am lucky enough to take part in this week which will hopefully brighten or at least inspire you all!

This morning kicked off the week with a great conversation on a panel I was lucky enough to moderate at the D&D Building in Manhattan, with an amazing group of professionals - and I so not use that word lightly - discussing Philanthropy as an Extension of Business Development.

John Douglas Eason, DJ Carey, Jennifer Mehditash (me), Alan Tanksley in the de le cuona showroom

having fun all around..

Firstly, Alan Tanksley shared some of his amazing work with the Bailey House as well as taking part in many ongoing events that bring together vendors and designers in the hopes of raising awareness for both the causes and the designers behind them.

Alan Tanksley
Then John Douglas Eason, shared not only his work with the Bailey House but also Design on a Dime and Kips Bay Showhouse among other collaborations that have at their core a philanthropic component.

John Douglas Eason
While hearing how these designers both viewed these event participation, it was eye opening to hear the point of view of Editor in Chief of the Cottages & Gardens group, DJ Carey, that now counts among it's publications, the San Francisco edition.

Many events, including the Project Design Kravet collaboration with the Ronald McDonald House as many of you know was a great project that I took part in, now launching it's Phase 2 remodel with a new list of 44 designers!

Upcoming Events - Kips Bay Showhouse (more on the blog next week!) and Phase 2 Ronald McDonald Showhouse

Also on my list this week, is the great day of talks at the Wakefield Design Center in Stamford, CT.
For those of you interested in design, you will not want to miss any of these panels, including ours which Stacy Kunstel will be moderating, and I will be joined by artist Kerri Rosenthal and designer Tiffany Eastman. It should be Fabulous.

Plenty of ways to connect with us.. and hoping to see you all in Connecticut this Thursday!
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