Mar 30, 2012

Architectural Digest Show - Art Recap - Royal Stamp

Visiting the Architectural Digest Show this time around, came at a really fantastic time for me as I was on the hunt for art and artists for a new design project I am working on.

Over the course of my career, both in Portugal and now in New York, having strong solid relationships with artists has really been one of the key elements that I have been able to bring to my work.
Perhaps having had a beginning in art & antiques, somehow I always find that I want to give my clients a great look with as much emphasis on the design as is on the art and artistic collaborations.

One gallery of note that you should all reach out to if you need any consultation is Kenise Barnes Fine Art, based in Larchmont (and an ex-Christie's girl too!). Kenise always has great art to bring to my projects.

Walking around the Architectural Digest Show I was amazed at how many were artists that I had not yet come into contact with that were either new exhibitors this year (great for us!) or had new work that struck a chord with me this time around.

At the beginning of my tour, I encountered this stand. Although some may find it a little "quirky" to hang a rug on your wall, the Stamp Rug  collection stopped me dead in my tracks and I cannot rave more about them!

I stopped to speak with Richard from Stamp Rug and was thrilled to find out that the QUEEN herself actually has one of the pink ones ( pictured left) and officially approved these to not only be used as wall hangings but that we "may walk on them as well".

Don't you love that?

The detail in the hand made custom rugs made from 100% New Zealand wool in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal, are a true representation of the original Royal Mail Stamps, in size and proportion, and they are the only company allowed to produce these.

So of course, I bought one!

Having lived and studied in London, I confess I do have a special soft spot for The Queen and am so excited to be able to participate in celebrating her Diamond Jubilee.

Above left: Rochard of Stamp Rug, Sample of colors

A little history about the portrait of the Queen for this stamp:

The Queen: sculpted head by Arnold Machin via
The first official sitting with Queen Elizabeth wearing a tiara, by photographer Dorothy Wilding, was in February of 1952, about 3 weeks after the death of her father, King George VI. However, a 2nd session happened in April, where The Queen wore the diamond diadem made for George IV in the 1820s. and this shot was approved by The Queen on 5 May, but with a little retouching - the tiara was too far back on her head and needed to be pushed forward.

All British definitive stamps bore this Wilding portrait from 1952 until 1967, when it was replaced by the sculpted head by Arnold Machin although the Wilding portrait was still incorporated into all commemorative stamps during this period.

A rare treat came on to the auction circuit as in 2009 2 rare plaques of the Machin, who died in 1999, relief came under the hammer, the 2nd outselling the first for over 18,000 pounds. He cleverly used the bas-relief method, which is a form of sculpture which projects slightly from the background, and then took the casts of a mould before having it photographed.

This attention led to a third finding it's way onto the market, at the auction house Cuttlestones, based in the historic Staffordshire market town of Penkridge as part of their September 2010 Fine Art sale.

So whether on the floor...

or on the wall..

Have a "jolly good" time with these!

Wishing you a fantastic weekend and see you all on Monday with a week full of Art recaps headed your way.

Mar 28, 2012

1-2-3: Architectural Digest Show: Natural Elements

Visiting the Architectural Digest Show this year was a truly wonderful experience.

Day 1 began with a really warm (albeit slightly unusual) breakfast entitled *Mary & Mimosas*, put on by the incredibly gracious hosts Veronika & Tim of Modenus as a huge welcome party for the gathering of the 15 Uber-Bloggers of BLOGTOUR - NYC, each representing different parts of the globe.

Watch out New York!

So don't tell anyone, but instead of sipping what I thought was a cool glass of fresh O.J.... well, let's just say, my cheeks were very rosy for the rest of the day.  Apologies in advance, if some of these images are slightly slanted - they looked straight to me at the time! (it's all Veronika's fault!)

So, back to the business at hand and here begins the coverage of the "AD Show", which gathered so many fantastic brands and artists, designers and design enthusiasts, while providing the oppurtunity to attend some amazing talks, which I was very fortunate to do. (more on that, next week)

First up - Palo Samko.
Brooklyn-based Palo Samko creates one of a kind sustainable furniture by reclaiming pieces of wood beams and sourcing most of his raw materials on a local basis or from demolished building sites.

These leather mirrors had a quirky touch with the option of bronze holders in the shape of a figure (or a sphere if you preferred).

I am a sucker for these little details..
These figures are walking a wooden tight rope, and honestly I couldn't resist sharing these with you. The impeccable details on each figurine was outstanding and yes, that is "George W." being carried across ...

via Palo Samko

Next: Another naturally inspired company is that of Brent Comber.
Brent, working from the hills of Northern Vancouver, brings life to the natural materials through an artistic expression and manipulating the wood, allowing it so shine in a very original way.

I love the spheres that they make, which almost makes you want to reach out and touch them..
Not for cats, or children, but these are sculptures for the indoors or outdoors, provided by nature and with a little helping hand by the team at Brent Comber.

See what I mean? Look at this beautiful environment from "Dos Caminos" created by the team at Yabu Pushelberg Architecs and Brent Comber lighting.

image: eric laignel via


I think I have to find a reason to head over there and have lunch!

Lastly, let me just finish today's post by connecting you to all the wonderful bloggers that participated in Blog Tour NY during a glorious week filled with inspiration and sunshine (and lots of laughter).. Here they are.

You should head over to their blogs and check them out.


1. Stacey Sheppard
2. DreamwallStyle
3. Arianna Trapani
4. Cecy Brooks
5. Will Taylor
6. David John
7. Emily Peck
8. Kelly Morisseau
9. Marilyn Russell-Grant
10. Andrew Dunning
11. Katie Treggiden
12. Kate Baxter
13. Pippa Jameson
14. Carole King
15. Toma Clark Haines

There is a long list of fantastic sponsors as well, and a huge thank you to all for making this event possible. Please visit Modenus, and see each post on their products as well.
More to come from the Architectural Digest Show

Mar 27, 2012

Dining By Design - Architectural Digest Show - Part 3

My third installment of the DIFFA Dining by Design coverage ends today with these extra ordinary tables designed by some of the market leaders in creative art expression.

I was so taken by every detail of this first World of Color created by David Stark who truly is one of the most artistically free individuals, and this room where the Benjamin Moore color palette has erupted into a fantastical tea party just left me in complete awe.

Golds, bronzes, and metallics played a big part of the colors and materials shared by the next few designers as they brought luscious layers to their table designs.

Jonathan Adler for Kravet was another fine example of sheer ingenuity in not only considering the product that he had to display (textiles, wall coverings, furniture, accessories..etc) but also creating the sense of voyeurism as we all tried to get closer to the silhouettes in order to get a closer glimpse at all the details that lay within.

Each time would poke my head in, I would look up and see another friendly face on the either side smiling at me.  

Ralph did not disappoint in creating a very *Lauren-esque* retreat - I would have happily stayed a while and enjoyed a glass of wine...

and lastly the simplicity of the table by Marc Cunningham below, with the beautiful play of the lighting creating shadows and areas of light as well as the wooden screen like structure surrounding the table, was a fine example of clean elegance.

I hope you have enjoyed the last 3 days of Dining By Design coverage.
If you missed any, make sure to visit Part 1 and Part 2 to get the whole experience.

Also, as not to forget the importance of the event is also to raise awareness in the Fight Against AIDS -

If you want to help contribute: visit their website here..

Coverage of the Architectural Digest Show begins tomorrow.

Mar 26, 2012

Dining By Design - Architectural Digest Show - Part 2

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
Today and tomorrow I will continue my coverage of the Architectural Digest Show Dining by Design coverage..

There were so many fantastic table scapes created by designers, artists, architects and young creatives trying to make their mark, that it was impossible to edit them down to 1 post alone, and to top it all off this great event in inspiring as well as bringing attention to the Fight Against AIDS.

In case you missed Part 1, make sure to have a look, and tomorrow will share the final post of this event before my Architectural Digest Show recap begins...

This week is all about this show, the creators and so much inspiration!
Tomorrow, Part 3 will end the Dining by Design recap and then I am sharing some of my great finds from the Architectural Digest Show.
So much to great inspiration headed your way...

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