Mar 5, 2012

Design Bloggers Conference - Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Hello there.. I'm Back!

After a week in Los Angeles (more pictures from that later on this week) which ended in another amazing Design Bloggers Conference, I have a lot that I wanted to share with you from so many insightful and inspiring panels. So let's get straight to it.

For many of us as each panel was happening throughout the day we would Tweet *LIVE* our instant takeaways, for our friends online that were not able to attend.

I called mine - #Top Quotes. So this week not only will I try and share as many of my live tweets as possible, but also include links, visuals and additional information about the panelists and the sponsors that made this such a special event as they occurred.

Kind of like the next best thing to attending the event {You're Welcome!}

Adam Japko
First and foremost we were welcomed by our gracious host, Adam Japko of the blog ~ Wine Zag ~ who took the time to thank a few special individuals (that's you Leslie Carothers & Leslie Fine!), and then began to remind us of how strong the blogging community has become.

Only 2 days before the event began, our overall twitter reach was over 626,000 and the event had not even started! We represented over 36 States with 1/3 from California, and overall our connections allowed us to speak to over 2.5 million indiviauls. This is exactly why so many of the brands were present at this event. They get it! They understand the power that this platform allows us (and ultimately them) to connect directly with a very targeted consumer audience. It is truly incredible.

After wowing us and getting the audience very excited and energized, he introduced our first panelist straight from the Oscar Red Carpet and Elton's infamous "after party"..Mr. Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Interior Design Trends in 2012 
Martyn Lawrence Bullard

From acting to popstar to weddingplanner to Design!! talk about a fantastic path love it!!

70's and 80's is the new black -

attributes blogging to helping spread the word about him and his work!

An Hermes bag became Elton's lacquered wall ...Talk about a fabulous design directive lucky guy!

"We spend so much time in the kitchen that it is important to create a functional but also very personable space"

In this image of Ellen Pompeo's kitchen in the Hollywood hills, the black and white photograph has a man and a woman which are the only two figures that are in focus while the rest of the crowd are slightly blurred..

According to the photographer, this was purely an accident, and yet the reason for such a successful final result.

Details..Details.. Details..
In this image, Martyn used several layers of coffee and tea to create these stencilled patterns on the wall, creating a unique (and according to him never to be repeated) final result!

Patterns, inspiration from travel to Istanbul and beyond (he was in India the day after this event!)
play an intergral role in his furniture and textile collections which also allow him to create individual experiences for each of his clients.

This is something as a designer I fully relate to.
There are most definitely designers that have a very distintive voice and style.
If you were to see a room in a magazine, or visit a space designed by them, you instantly could recognize that this was a space by them.

On the other hand, there are designers (and this is where I would place Martyn as well as Bunny Williams - another speaker from the conference) that although they have a clear voice and vision, they are creative cameloens that change, evolve and adapt not only to the clients, the space in question as well as to the moment of inspiration sometimes brought upon by a perfect find in a flea market in India or Belguim.

I do feel that I can relate to this approach to an interior design project.
Perhaps the strong connections to antiques and fine art early on in your career provides you with a need to find these one of a kind pieces and they become an focal point of the story..
I know this is part of my process in most cases.

and lastly he announced that he will be involved in the design of the Jimmy Choo retail design worldwide! Really looking forward to seeing how he tackels this brand.

Stay tuned for more on the speakers, what all that they shared with us, this week.

One final note:
A huge 'thank you' to all the sponsors of this conference.
We all appreciate your support guarenteeing the success of this conference and all that was shared with us.
Please take the time to get to know them if you haven't already.

*Images of rooms, via Martyn Lawrence Bullard


  1. Great recap of an Martyn's inspiring talk... Loved meeting you and can't wait to spend more time together next time!

  2. Excellent post! It was so much fun meeting you at dinner! xoxo

  3. Fun post. Took me back! I do agree that personality is the greatest asset any designer has. So enjoyed meeting you in real dear Jennifer!

  4. I See some post about Priniting Really great. I share to your blog to my Friend

  5. Found you through the design bloggers conference online vs. the actual conference. Its fun to see other takes on the event. Come by and say hello. My latest post is a new Hollywood Regency house by Hutton Wilkinson of Tony Duquette. It is beyond, beyond!


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