Mar 15, 2012

Dec-a-Porter 360*-Bjarke Ingels' Hedonistic Sustainability

Art Installation in a public space takes on a whole new meaning when Bjarke Ingels, Principal of BIG based in Copenhagen, took the iconic Little Mermaid and transported her to China!

Little Mermaid statue
Harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark

In 1909 the founder of Carlsberg Breweries had the statue built, fascinated by Hans Christian Andersen's tale "The Little Mermaid" and that is where she has been since August 23 of 1913.

So what am I talking about?

Today's Dec-a-Porter 360* post focuses on a TED talk by Bjarke Ingels entitled: "Hedonistic Sustainability".

I felt so inspired and left in awe of how creative forward thinkers are able to truly make a difference in all of our lives..

We all think about the story of Pinterest or the makings of now giants like Apple or Facebook.. they are usually from very humble modest beginnings of a few individuals that have forever altered the lives of millions. 

Through architecture, and much inspired out of the box thinking, the BIG group is bringing countries together and finding ways to fundamentally change our world.

Let's go back to the Shanghai Expo in 2010 when creating the Danish Pavilion Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) collaborated with the most infamous of Chinese artists, Ai Weiwei, in recreating the Denmark way of life simply by introducing art.. and a little water.

You could ride your bike, walk, lounge in this complex with a view to the water and the Little Mermaid perched on her rock.

So that the people of Denmark, or the tourists that came to see her, wouldn't miss her too deeply... they installed a video camera with a live feed that was projecting to a screen back home. Modern technology at its finest.

"architects need to become designers of ecosystems"...

This is a 50 year long plan that will join Denmark and Sweden via a light rail system planned to not only initially interconnect the very suburban areas to the historical city center but also develop these areas and provide better waste management, water and also provide for mini hubs of retail, electrical charging stations and life!

Eventually as it connects these countries together it would allow for an easier flow of commerce (IKEA shopping anyone!)
and the possibility of commuting with much more ease providing access to jobs, education and connecting these two cultures (and sub-cultures) together in a way that would not have been possible otherwise, all via this sustainable ring almost the same in size as San Francisco.

Almost seems incredible to imagine that this doesn't already exist.

Bringing it a little closer to home..
The Durst Fetner Residential has commissioned BIG in 2010 to create a unique New York living experience.  The result, W57. A compact, unique structure that allows for retail spaces as well as providing a secure and intimate green environment within the core of the building will be a dramatic addition to the West Side Highway skyline. With a 450foot tip at it's highest point and a radical drop to the lower level balconies, many of the floors will benefit from the fantastic views as well as not shielding too many of their neighbours either.

To hear more from Bjarke in this really fascinating TED talk, watch the video below.
An inspiring creative thinker that not only is making a difference in Europe through architecture but making his mark here as well.

Bjarke Ingels: Hedonistic sustainability

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend.. lots going on at Mehditash Design (you know my design business ;-) more on those developments soon.

*images via BIG and video via TED

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