Mar 22, 2012

Color Wheel: Pier Antiques Show ~ Metal Love

As a continuation from my first post on the Pier Antiques Show yesterday, today focuses on a Metallic inspired Color Wheel..

So many great pieces stood out from this show - whether furniture like this pair of unique metal and wood stained bookshelves fantastically built and entirely customizable..

to this amazing looking "valet" in wood and bronze - (which I would have brought home but sadly was scooped up a few minutes before I got there), and the magazine or wood base in leather and bronze..

Bronze was most definitely in every stand as a strong statement piece or as interesting accessories that would be a great addition to any bookshelf or table top display.

Jewelry, whether costume or vintage and couture, was calling out to me at every turn. Having a very hard time concentrating on the task at hand and so a little pit stop to try on this necklace that caught my eye .. ended up with another, but still kind of like this one!

From gold to silver, with more attention to some fantastic silver accent pieces.
The open fret work detail on this basket was fantastic..

These place cards would have added an amazing touch to any table setting..
whether a little whimsical (or perhaps Halloween inspired with the Charlotte's Web version or the set of silver parasols for a summer dinner party ..

throw in this set of knives..

and this GORGEOUS pair of candle holders in silver from the late 1950's...

and the table is set!

Hope you enjoyed the Pier Antiques Show recap, I hope to share a few of my finds from the Architectural Digest Show which I am at as you read this post.

Stay tuned for more...

*all images were taken by me for this post. Leave me a comment if you need any extra information on any of the pieces shown.


  1. Not a fan of bronze, not in that finish. Is this trending? My guess is it is. I suppose anything can find it's right place. Just my opinion that we haven't gotten past the use of this finish in the past to welcome it back so soon.

  2. I love the book shelves..amazing! And the candle sticks are gorgeous!!

  3. Obsessed with the book shelf!!! Total Amazeballs!!! Can't wait to see more of your finds. I love antiquing!!!


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