Mar 21, 2012

1-2-3: Pier Antiques Show Recap - Part 1

It was such an unexpected surprise to visit the Pier Antiques Show which hosts over 500 exhibitors, along the Hudson River this weekend.

Organized by Stella Shows and sponsored by the fabulous *VandM* who I got the chance to meet up with and talk "design" while there, as well as all of the fashion forward and design conscious shoppers from all around the globe.
It was a full house!

The show is loosely laid out by areas:
1. Classical & Formal (Fine Art, Furniture, Porcelain & Silver..)
2. Americana & Decorative Arts Collectibles
3. 20th C Modern (Art Deco, 1940s-60's, Glass, Costume Jewelery..)
4. Fashion Alley (this was a vintage wonderland!)
5. Book Alley (new this year; prints, collectible art / prints - books)

The halls were packed.. many of the pieces were sold by the time I got to them (which was not late at all, but a great sign for all the vendors) and a really nice welcome to those attending was the interactive areas which allowed the public to participate and use the pieces on sale.

One in particular stood out with the sounds of "clickety-click" echoing through the halls from the Kasbah Mod "Type-In" exhibition of vintage / antique typewriters. A little Mad Men inspired and motivated to use them and type a letter *old school*. They would mail the letter for you. 

Another area was provided by "Sisters on the Fly" Vintage Trailers which was inviting and had a large crowd gathering and lounging throughout. One for my Bucket List - travel in a vintage trailer across the US, so I was excited to get a look at these.

Also an extra added bonus, and as some of you may know, appraisals by Gary Sohmers & Gordon Converse who have appeared as appraisers on PBS’ Antiques Roadshow (one of my favorites!) were on call for the public.

So as Part 1 of my Pier Antiques Show recap, here are a few of my Top Picks.

Tomorrow, the Pier Antiques Show coverage continues with a *Color Wheel* inspired post.

*all images taken by me for the post. If you want any additional information about any of these pieces, leave a comment and I will be happy to get it to you.


  1. What fun! I love shows like these!

    1. Thank you - it was a lot of fun.. too much fun actually I was supposed to be working!

  2. How much fun?!! I love antique shows!!

  3. So much to see and buy!! The lady's hat is so quirky!

  4. Thanks Chirsty, Lynn and Donna.. I really enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more tmrw!


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