Mar 7, 2012

Design Bloggers Conference - How to Differentiate Your Blog

What is your blog about?

How do you want your voice to sound?

How can YOU stand out?

All these questions are not only what we all ask ourselves in our professional and possibly personal lives, but as bloggers we are faced with a fast paced highly competitive market.
Much depends on the platform we have chosen as our host site, our graphic and image manipulation capabilities, as well as our story telling skill... while always, always, sharing an original story.

So how do I attract YOU to my blog and get you to stay awhile?
I know how to create a warm and inviting environment when I create a home environment for a client...
I also really love having friends and family over to my home and am absolutely the big cliche "Hostess with the "Mostest", as I am sure many of the fellow bloggers at the Design Bloggers Conference are as well.

Macala Wright
So, as Macala Wright took to the stage to help guide us (not to mention put a little fire under our bellies, well the excitement and twitter frenzy was amazing.

How to Differentiate Your Blog
Macala Wright of FashionablyMarketing.Me

Want to hear a few statistics about blogging..and bloggers from the conference?
So incredibly about 67% have been blogging for 2 years, and over 25% spend 40+ hours per week creating their posts (yikes.. maybe a little more!)

  • Monetizing your passion can be done, but it doesn't happen overnight 
  • Fostering and nuturing Brand Relationships is crucial
  • Make your content accessible to large audience
  • Manually post to all Social Media platforms individually, it not only makes a HUGE difference to your SEO but also engages audience
  • Create and Integrate Video content via and

What I have found over the past few months since dedicating myself to twitter, blogging as well as re-building my interior design practice throughout New York and Connecticut there are so many layers that need to be added and carefully applied to one another.

If Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest are all the rage, does that mean you need to be there too?
I personally find that I can relate to images, they speak to me and hopefully allow me to share with you my curated selection of product, style, color and pattern sensibility..

but my peronsal choice is Pinterest for the most part, and I dedicate a lot of time reorganizing and collecting the images on to my personal board.

*These are examples of my pinterst boards - for sources please visit board

*These are examples of my pinterst boards - for sources please visit board

*These are examples of my pinterst boards - for sources please visit board

We all have to find our strengths, as mentioned by another panelist Lisa Ferguson of Decormentor, and we must nurture and care for these platforms as they are an online reflection of who were are, as a brand or an individual, while remembering how they can help to reflect another element of our brand.

It is through sharing these visuals that I feel inspired and hope to inspire.
I also enjoy the element of community sharing that takes place on some of these Social Media platforms and it is how I imagine the days of the Cafes in Paris were like with the great artists like the Impressionists or Degas or Picasso.. Can you only imagine what they would have thought of Pinterest?

How do you feel the most comfortable sharing and inspiring ..? Is it through the written word, or perhaps you are also an avid "pinner". Why not share your link here too?

Tomorrow, a little break from the Conference recap as I take you on a special insider tour of an iconic makeover from LA.

For more, make sure to visit Macala's follow up post from the conference ->
"Six Killer Interior Design Brand Blogs to Read Now"

Also make sure to visit my Facebook page for pictures from the conference ..

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  1. I'm LOVING your DBC recaps! I think I'm just going to use all of your posts for my reference instead of my disorganized notes! XO!


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