Mar 13, 2012

Peek-a-Boo: Dana Tanamachi - It's all in the Chalk

When you think of Chalk, where does your mind wander to?

Is it back to school, or maybe out on the sidewalk with your kids?

So when you combine the love of drawing, chalk and some serious graphic design skills, what do you get?

Her name is Dana. Dana Tanamachi.

Perhaps you noticed last months' O Magazine had a slightly different look to it?

Well that was Dana.
She created Oprah's O Magazine's first hand-lettered cover, and the February (traditionally a Valentine's day themed cover) as well.

The brief was a simple one according to Dana: Express Yourself!

The use of chalk in design, whether a chalk board painted wall feature or furniture and accessories with added labels that let you use chalk to help keep them organized are always a great way to personalize your pieces. Who doesn't love having everything organized?  

via & pinterest

chalkboard mason jars

Although Dana does not usually participate in weddings, this fantastic Photo Backdrop and theme for fellow graphic designer Andrio Abero and Caroline Roger's wedding last October, will most definitely make for some very memorable (and I am kind of feeling jealous right now) wedding photos..

image and more on this wedding via Style Me
Photography Jenny Jimenz; Event Coordinateion Stellina

Want to see Dana in action?
Here is a fun video that just shows how talented she really is.

Of course, so many brands have jumped at the chance of working with her, combining art and the hot "nostalgia" trend in Fashion and Interior Design, such as Rugby Ralph Lauren and West Elm. These are two strong examples of how collaborating with an artist can create a really unique experience for their client..and I think the same is true for collaborations with bloggers and all creative professionals that can add value to the consumer experience.

West Elm, a brand that really has been leading the way in forward thinking with a strong social media presence and marketing campaign (you should check out their pinterest boards). Not only did they collaborate with Dana for their Holiday catalogue, but also had events with private installations in their shops as well as some great looking paper weights which she designed.
From one brand initiative to another...
West Elm, Rugby Ralph Lauren, Google, The Ace Hotel, Adidas, EveryDay with Rachael Ray, Lululemon Athletica, and Garden & Gun Magazine, are only a few of the larger brands that have jumped at the oppurtunity to bring this unique art form to their clients.

The Nagging Doubt wine labels ..

For all you wine lovers out there, these custom and absolutely unique wine labels were created by Dana for the "Nagging Doubt" one of them being created in this clip of Dana at work.

Honestly, I think we are going to be seeing alot more of Dana Tanamachi..there are no limits to how this art form is going to be introduced into so many different levels of our day to day experiences.

(*sadly because of timing and Dana's huge success I wasn't able to interview her, but do visit her blog here for more information.) * all images courtesy of Dana Tanamachi... and although this post was already written she was interviewed by WSJ this past weekend as well.


  1. I love Dana's work! So beautiful and unique.

  2. Always love learning about somebody. Dana is great and new to me! Very cool!


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