Mar 8, 2012

Window Shopping on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

Heading back to California for a little R&R was a really nice way to spend the holiday break with my family.

I was hoping for a little sunshine and beach fun..but instead we decided to head to Beverly Hills and do a little shopping on Rodeo Drive, you know like we all do.. well ok maybe it was more like Window Shopping!

Nonetheless, I wanted share some pictures of shop fronts and architectural details that I had never noticed before. It's amazing how we begin to look at things very differently as we age, change professions, and let's be honest, are scouting for material for our blogs!

Kind of wishing I had a "Pretty Woman" moment..

But I was happy about spending a gorgeous sunny afternoon seeing the hustle and bustle of the streets and shops as everyone was preparing for a crazy Oscar filled weekend.

If you were to look closely, each store had so many different levels and layers to attract you inside.
A little for every style, taste and budget (well, almost)  and these were a few that stood out. I just love these layered terracotta pots with plants and flowers... so pretty. There was music and the sounds of water as well which really was inviting.

Whether there were window dressings, like those at Ralph Lauren, with drapery and gorgeous shelving displays or the textured box above with an engraved Missoni in the doorway, almost invisible, and simply fantastic in white.

Lastly, and what seemed to be a recurring theme, there were shops that had many elements of open parts of the facade, various textures and materials which created really interesting patterns as the sunlight reflected off of them.

and lastly, one of my favorite places in the world which I spent way too much time at throughout my childhood in LA.. - the Infamous Nate n'Als - where the pickles and sandwiches are heavenly!

More tomorrow from my private tour of a liitle Bel Air gem.

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  1. LOVE all the windows! Thanks for the stroll down Rodeo!! xo



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