May 29, 2012

Blogfest: Alexa Hampton and Kips Bay Showhouse

As I shared with you last week was a huge Design week in New York, filled with events, Blogfest, showhouse visits and listening to many panels of great designers and of those that shape the interior design world.

My tour of Blogfest 2012 began with a tour of the new Kips Bay Showhouse on the Upper West Side at The Addyn Residences which began in 1973 "when several dedicated women’s committee members of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club launched the Decorator Show House to raise funds for much needed after school and enrichment programs for New York City children."

There are a few new elements to this year's showhouse as Bunny Williams takes the helm as Chairman on it's 40th anniversary year, including a lecture seris by Sotheby's with the next key dates:

  1. May30th @11am: P. Allen Smith "Natural Elegance at Moss Mountatin Farm"
  2. May 31st @11am: Ward Landrigan "Verdura and Women of Style"
  3. June 1st @11am: Miles Redd "Fashion & Inspiration in Interior Design"
  4. June 5th @11am: Tom Savage "Addicted to Old Houses: Iconic Rooms and Influential Interiors"

While visiting the many rooms by these great designers which I will be sharing over the course of my next posts, I wanted to begin with the Bedroom designed by Alexa Hampton.

Alexa Hampton's textile collection for Kravet is masterfully incorporated within the design of her room in the Kips Bay Showhouse, and as she herself describes it..

"designing a collection is like taking your own temperature" - Alexa Hampton

via Kravet Showroom - Alexa Hampton Collection

Fabrics left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 source: kravet

Alexa Hampton & Ann Omvig Maine (Editor in Chief of Traditional Home)
Kravet Showroom (D&D Building)
Part of our 2nd day in Blogfest while visiting the Kravet showroom in the Design & Decoration Building where we were able to listen to Alexa Hampton speak candidly with Traditional Home Magazine Editor in Chief, Ann Omvig Maine, as she shared how her "2nd grade class trip was to a Kips Bay Showhouse..." and many other such personal stories that allowed us to have an insight into how this new collection came to be and her thoughts and inspirations while designing the showhouse. 

Beginning with a "highly glossed lacquered wall in an atypical color, Dragon's Breath", Alexa shares with us how she balanced the decision as it may appear cold, or acoustically less welcoming in one's bedroom setting....
Smokey "Dragon's Breath" high gloss lacquered walls

with other elements of warmth and traditional overtones.

These warm mahogany doors (which were simply gorgeous)

a chinoiserie screen which doubled in helping hide the existing column by the window and simultaneously help create a little more privacy in the otherwise very exposed glass bedroom.

The juxtaposition & tension is electrifying of the very sleek and modern architectural details of the modern apartment building in the center of New York City, by adding these traditional elements in the choice of fabrics, antiques, art and drapery as well as the ethereal canpoy bed in mainly monochromatic fabrics.

There was no detail left unattended:
Art all the way to the ceiling..
Silver leaf wallcovering on the ceiling..

Kravet - Alexa Hampton Collection

Beautiful Jansen Ebonized desk, Chinese Black Lacquered & Gilt Screen

As described by Cosmo, ..Alexa Hampton is "fun, fearless female" and a lover of words..
Here are a few of her favorites:


  • Shining brightly; radiant.
  • (of a person or expression) Emanating joy or goodness

  • lu·gu·bri·ous

    Looking or sounding sad and dismal.

    Cheerfully optimistic
    What are yours?

    So if you have the chance to visit the Kips Bay Showhouse, in the process be part of helping
    contribute to the cause as well as feel inspired - what could be a better way to spend the afternoon?

    Kips Bay Showhouse: Event Date: May 16 - June 14, 2012
    Manhattan’s Upper West Side, at The Aldyn Residences, 60 Riverside Boulevard (Blvd., NOT Riverside Drive, between 62nd & 63rd)
    Monday through Saturday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Tuesday and Thursday evenings until 8 p.m.
    Sunday: noon - 5 p.m.

    May 24, 2012

    Curated Collection: It's all in the Details - Joss and Main

    Head there NOW

    Finally the day for my Curated Collection for the Joss and Main online flash sale site has arrived!

    As I mentioned in my post this Monday as I was putting the finishing touches on my blog post for the Joss Blog, I am so excited about sharing some of the great accent pieces from Wayfair's assortment of some of my favorite brands that I am so happy to be able to share with all of you.

    Let me just say, although choosing 100 pieces seemed like a lot when I first got started - it really barely scratched the surface as there just was so much to choose from.

    A little history... began in Steve Conine’s nursery and from that has grown to include a family of brands that includes Joss and Main, which is the online flash sale portion which we have all grown to know and love.

    Great editorial content and blog posts, with a curated eye from many different designers, architects and style savvy professionals, that share a story rather than simply the products themselves.

     10 years ago...

    and grew exponentially

     That's 2 1/2 MILLION + visitors a week! That is some serious design traffic!

    So here is the preview of my sale.. they did such a great job putting together the detail images of some of my work as inspirational imagery for the description of my Collection.

    *still loving my head shot from the great Karen Walrond!*


    So please head on over to my Sale .. and shop away!

    May 23, 2012

    Guest Post: Touchy Feely Design - New England Home

    Head on over to my Guest Post for the New England Home Design Blog.
    So grateful to be part of this fantastic list of creatives sharing their thoughts and inspirations on this blog.
    My post is all about the newly coined - *Touchy Feely* design trend.. do you agree? Is everything out there making you want to reach out and touch it?
    Leave a message on the post !


    and while you are at it -> make sure to follow along on all the fun I am having at Blogfest 2012 on Twitter & Facebook.

    May 21, 2012

    My Week: BlogFest, Joss and Main Sale, & More

    Whoo. Hoo... What a week this is going to be.
    I am sorry that I have not been sharing that much with you all. Since my return from High Point Market, it has been such a roller coaster that the days (maybe weeks!) have literally flown by.

    But, I have so much to share with you about this week that I want to get right into it.

    This week BlogFest2012 begins with an incredible line up of events (head over there to see what I mean!)

    I will be visiting ICFF, Kips Bay Showhouse.. and much much more.

    Tuesday, make sure to visit the New England Home Design blog, for my second guest post with highlights from my trend spotting at High Point Market as well as ICFF.

    Then, Thursday, May 25th, my long awaited Joss and Main sale kicks off with a bang!

    The title, "It's all in the Details" says it all, and I spent quite a while searching and picking out what I think is the very best of the
    From Furniture..

    to Pillows...

    and colorful vases, tall and small...

    These are only just a few of the nearly 100 plus items I have carefully curated to share with you during my sale.
    Want more information?! But, of course.. Head on over to the Joss and Main sale site on May 25th through this link and shop to your hearts content.

    May 8, 2012

    Guest Post on New England Home Design Blog

    Make sure to visit the New Enlgand Home Design Blog today and check out my Guest Post about High Point: The Source of Inspiration.

    Visit the post HERE

    May 5, 2012

    Are you Ready for a New Look?

    I wanted to share some amazing news with you...

    While I was in High Point (so many recaps on their way) I had the privilege in participating an a wonderful event called "Elevate" - with a live *Pin Board* wall where we were all asked to participate and exchange expertise, encouragement and inspiration.
    This was the brainchild of Lisa Ferguson and the amazing designers that are part of the
    "Decor Mentor" team...

    Elevate Launch at High Point Market
    Photography Bruce Barone via Decor

    ...some of whom, I feel lucky enough to have come to know and admire for their genuine love for our profession and thoughtfulness in sharing their knowledge and experiences in order to help those around them.

    So, of course I was excited to offer my cards and pinned them eagerly on the wall as well as pinning them for help as well (it was all about "give & get" .. and then there was THE announcement that all we had to do was sign up for the possibility to win a $15,000 dollar website by the amazing creative team at The Old State. Yes, it is true - I couldn't believe it either...

    They recently were the designers for Jan Showers' new relaunch - have you seen it yet? it's looks incredible.. So, of course, I signed up!!

    It was a very tense week, we got the news that there were 5 finalists:

    Kristen Rivoli

    I had the pleasure of getting to know Kristen and spending time with her while we ventured from showroom to showroom while we were in High Point. She is a talented designer, lovely woman and writes a lovely blog *My Life in Design*.

    Stacy Naquin

    Stacy is always full of life and has a great disposition ( I have met her twice, and she always has a gorgeous smile!) .. Her blog is where she shares her thoughts on design and finds..

    Jennifer Stoner

    Jennifer is an interior designer based out of Richmond, VA with years of experience with a design store as well. Sadly, our paths have not yet crossed, but she shares her finds on her many travels on her blog as well.

    Donna Vining

    Donna & I had a chance meeting in High Point this market.. however I have a special thanks as she has been a wonderful supporter of this blog and always takes the time to share her thoughts and comments, which I so appreciate. Donna is asked to speak at many events, (one recently which I would have loved to attend) & it was a pleasure to meet her in person and listen to her thoughts about the design inspiration from market as well as on her blog.

     and then there was.. ME.

    I have to say I was on pins and needles.. could not stand the wait.. and then read the Tweet that said I had won! YES, I WON!

    I can not even believe my good fortune and am so utterly grateful and ecstatic .. I have wanted to really make the leap in redesigning my website and blog...

    So, now I ask you .. Yes, YOU. Please help me think of how to make this a better place for you to visit.. and my website a greater representation of my work. I welcome your ideas, comments and feedback.

    Please leave a comment here (or send me an email or tweet - links above)..

    and please, visit my friends sites and support them as they are all very talented designers.

    Thank you again to Lisa, Decor Mentor team, and of course, The Old State!

    May 2, 2012

    A Beauty in the Bronx: Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum

    As I sift through the many, MANY, High Point Market photos and try and organize my thoughts about everything I saw while I was there, I wanted to share with you a wonderful campaign which came to my attention by way of  a friend and fellow blogger Lynn Byrne from Decor Arts Now.

    I am always eager to help give back and assuring that my children as well as theirs and yours, get to experience and enjoy moments of joy and beauty in cultural settings. These help enrich them as whole and complete future adults and this campaign, could not help a more deserving local landmark - The Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum.

    The Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum's story, or the *Beauty in the Bronx* as it is known, began in 1654 when Thomas Pell, an English doctor from Connecticut settled on this estate. Post-Revolutionary War, it was bought in 1836 by Robert Bartow who built the present Grecian style stone mansion with Greek Revival interiors. He moved into the house with his wife and children in 1842. Nearly 100 years later, Bartow-Pell Mansion opened it's doors as a museum.

    The Neoclassical style Double Parlors via

    Not only are there interiors to inspire, even the youngest of designers..

    but exhibitions and events are always taking place for the whole family to enjoy!

    On view at BPMM from April 1 to July 1 is an exhibition of antique garden tools collected
    by landscape architect Mark Morrison.

    In every season...

    With amazing details in every element of the architecture ...

    to the most intricate exquisite details in every decorative piece of furniture and art within this museum as well....

    Every care has been brought to preserving and keeping this haven, which is only a short car drive from Manhattan, in the best possible state.
    But, they need our help ->> as The Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum has this fantastic opportunity to receive $150,000 in grant funds to restore their gardens.

    It is so easy to help guarantee that some funds are awarded to them, all we have to do is vote.
    Show that we care via Facebook and their page.

    Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum has an exciting opportunity to receive $150,000 in grant funds to restore their gardens. You can help increase our chances!
    American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation have selected BPMM to participate in this year's Partners in Preservation program to compete for $3 million in preservation funds.
    As one of only 40 sites selected in New York City, this is a a month-long online contest that invites people to cast votes for the places they would most like to see receive the prize money. It's like the "American Idol" of historic preservation. The four sites that earn the highest number of public votes are guaranteed to receive funding.

    There are two ways to vote:

    1. Go to Once you register on the site, you can easily vote once a day through May 21
    2. Vote at, once a day through May 21
    * all images courtesy of Bartow-Pell. First and last images by photographer Richard Warren.
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