Aug 10, 2015

Essential Elements: Designer Tips for the Home

Thanks to Rooms Magazine, from Engaged Media, for asking me to contribute to their Special Fall issue. Summers are usually filled with lots of family time for me but I could not have been more excited to come home from a long weekend in San Diego of soccer tournament fun to find the stunning issue in the mail!

As a designer having worked on both homes and commercial spaces in both the US and Europe I am often asked for tips and advice from both friends and design lovers on how to make the most of their spaces. 

So when the team from Rooms asked me on my go to key tips for a few select areas I was thrilled to be able to share some advice on how to best take advantage of their Dining Rooms, little Quiet Corners and the Bedroom. 

The bedroom is never an easy space to find solutions for as there is so many layers of care and thought that must go into each and every decision that will allow for different wants and needs to be fulfilled with technical and functional care of the utmost importance. It is after all where we spend half of each and every day!

Thanks so much to everyone at Engaged Media - Rooms Magazine, Jacqueline deMontravel, Kristin Webb-Hollering for the feature! It came out so beautifully.
The images from Stacey van Berkel and with the styling by Raina Kattelson once again make me shine ~ so a big thank you to you both as well.Thanks to Andrew Joseph PR and the team for putting this together for me.

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