Aug 22, 2011

Color Wheel: 175 !! Happy Bursts of Color

Image via Pantone
Pantone - the leader of all things color - has launched 175 new color additions to delight us all for the years to come.

How many ways can I say "Thank You" ?

As a designer known for bringing many layers of color to the stories I create, having more is definitely a good thing.

Here are some of the ways I plan on introducing the new Pantone colors to the mix...

Red/Pink: Cherry reds with both blue and yellow undertones; deeper Cabernet reds with hints of brown; soft Ballerina Pink to a vivacious Deep Rose with blue undertones.

Greens: deep true hunter greens like Climbing Ivy; gemstone influenced emerald greens such as Jolly Green; grayed down blue based greens like Belgian Block and Agave Green.
Vases from Kate Spade - Home; Kelly Wearstler Pink & Green chairs via My Vibe My Life

Blues: periwinkle blues including Paler Halogen and Chambray Blue; watery based teal and aquamarine blues with names like Mykonos Blue and Aqua Splash; 12 new navies including several red based navies; true indigo and more classic navy shades like Night Sky and Evening Blue.

and of course my absolute favorite ...

Room: Thomas Britt - has everything I love

Orange: hot and radiant orange shades with red undertones Tangerine Tango; spicy and deeper oranges with brown like Cinnamon Stick and Marmalade.

Yellow: true yellows including Lemon Meringue and Solar Power; softer, warmer yellow hues reminiscent of Flan and Pear Sorbet.
Browns: pure chocolate browns like Ganache and Chocolate Torte; and in the taupe and khaki family, a Toasted Coconut and Humus.
From Etsy: Wall Sconce:Vintage Cabinet ; Vintage Phone:Hoot and Eye; Vintage Wine Rack Importance of Living

Whites Whites, the purest of the pure and that most classic of shades, were expanded in both warm and cool tones.
Grays: some neutral blue based grays with names like Storm Front and Graphite, as well as some red based and green based grays. Blacks: Black Bean and Tap Shoe

Design by my firm - "Le Club" nightclub
and last but not least...

Purple: vibrant red based purples such as Cherries Jubilee and Granite, several grayed down purples with blue undertones suggestive of a Mesa Rose and some more mystical smokey violet shades.
Mauves: blue based pinks from the palest rose to the deeper azalea tones.

Painting: Damien Hirst;  Damask Paper: Moonsteam Design

How will you be bringing these new colors into your home?

Aug 19, 2011

DAP 360: NY Gift Show - DAY 2 - Trend Alert

This Dec-a-Porter 360* takes another look at the New York Gift Show at the Javits Center.

There is nothing that makes me feel more inspired and energized than that of the hustle & bustle of a trade fair. Especially with everything we have been hearing and seeing about the world's economy, I left Day 2 at NYGIF feeling a sense of optimism. Wading through the heavy traffic in each aisle, once I entered a stand it really did look like they were selling..
Fingers crossed that things are looking up!

So today I felt I would focus on some of the TRENDS I spotted throughout the show...I am a Traditionalist at heart so I can't help but feel excited about an obvious swing back to contemporary interpretations of a more traditional style through form and finish.

I do think that alot of that has to do with us spending more time at home - staycations and all - and wanting a designer version of "Comfort Food" we want to feel cozy at home.

Let's call it "Comfort Design".

So starting off with the warmer hues in finishes. Not the glitzy version (although who doesn't love a little bling here and there) but more of an Etruscan Gold finish on furniture.

Regina Andrew Travertine / Metal tables; Jayes "Caddy"; Tritter Feefer new Greta Table.
For Pricing, Please send an email

Tozai  - A selection of Gold tones, Warm Hues and Pattern with Traditional Form

I definitely spotted alot of yarn/wool handmade ottomans like those from my post last week, but I was especially drawn to handmade blown glass.

These hand blown glass vases are stunning in these smoky, sexy hues.

"Grow" Light, Happy Kiss and Gong Lighting from CALEB SIEMON
The Grow light especially caught my eye - creative new spin on the hanging planter.
All images via web/brochure.

Nature and natural elements abound.
Animal busts in every shape, size, color and material which I mentioned DAY 1's post, but here are 2 examples where Nature does not mean rustic but instead a more
Stylised, Chic, Clean. approach

Great attention to detail was placed on framing and layout. Vivid Colors, Strong graphic statements
All examples of PHEROMONE collection
Images via Pheromone website

Tozai's (Two's Company) Ceramic Animal Busts

Lastly I leave you with two examples of how to bring in some vivid colors into your home.

Alexandra von Furstenberg's: Treasure & Limited edition Gem Box

SELETTI's Trip Furniture Collection
Revamp an old armoire (very important to have some interest in shape and form, like in this example) or just add a pop of color with a small accessory.

There will be more in detail posts of my NYGIF finds over the next few weeks - but for now, enjoy your final few days of summer.

Aug 16, 2011


It's that time of year again, and NY city is bustling with movement. This Dec-a-Porter 360* is focusing on the NY Gift Show in the heart of Manhattan, which has once again brought together designers, retailers, artisans alike and these are only but a few of those that stood out to me.

Beginning at the 'Handmade' portion of the show - there were several stands introducing the handwoven plates/bowls from Africa with the bold pattern and strong vivid colors, how could I not be?

Steve Parkes - (Booth #5234) This stand though stood out from the rest, for the quality and the design. This wall is fabulous and I was already imagining how I could incorporate it into a new design.

Details - Color options

Then as we continued along, we met a fabulous team of people from AID TO ARTISANS
that help bring out the best in some very skilled and creative young artists from all over the world providing them with economic opportunities through among other things - product development.

I am not a huge fan of real animal heads, however I can absolutely relate to the design interest a wall of animal heads can bring to a scheme. These are especially happy and right on trend - handmade in HAITI, that is another added bonus to incorporating these into our design. Each will be unique as they are hand made papier-mache with different colored applications.

With all these different possibilities and choices, I am imagining this in a Playroom or even a Beach House? Something relaxed, happy and colorful.

And while I am a feeling inspired to redesign my kid's rooms, I stumbled upon a wonderful new take on decals. It's very hard, especially with the recent times, to design our children's bedrooms and have them defined to any one age or even gender for that matter.

This is a great way to allow them to feel inspired and part of the decision making with these child safe fabric covered decal sets from POP & Lolli. They're reusable and re-positionable so the child becomes part of the ever changing design.

And last item of my DAY 1 roundup of the NYGIF, I will leave you with one last child friendly stand was the team from TEGU. They are all made in Honduras and simply beautiful, completely customizable and of course with a great attention to design and detail.

These are the new Fall Colors as well as the great Pocket Pouch. If any of you have kids, you know what a great idea this is - dinner, travel, anywhere on the go and they can be building with no worries as the magnets give it all structure.

(*They are just a charming group of entrepreneurs so visit their site - Thanks guys for being so sweet about us knocking over your stand...!)

Lots more to share, so stay tuned for more NY Gift Show updates.

Aug 15, 2011

Weekend Inspiration: Going Back to Basics

Although we had great plans to venture into Manhattan and see the new addition of the High Line on Sunday, the weather once again forced us to stay indoors.
So this week's Weekend Inspiration comes from online and a little reading.

An article from a Time magazine awhile back was my first source of inspiration - dedicated to the Art of Knitting and it reminded me of how much I love anything that makes me feel good. Some great artists called "Yard Bombers" and others I have found on Etsy are taking this art to a whole new level.

These "yard bombers" are Christo inspired knitters, who have taken to covering public objects, buildings & sculptures and in my opinion are a much needed burst of color and happiness on these gloomy days.

Image via The Pop Up City

Other creative artists are taking the need for additional seating to a whole new level - visit their shops on Etsy..but here is just a small sampling of two that inspired me.

Visit Etsy - Biscuit Scout

Art in the public domain is something that has always been important to me, and so I leave you with these last two images of art in NYC:

Jaume Plensa's "Echo" in Madison Square Park.
Image via American Flaneur blog

Sol Lewitt's NYC Skyline

Wishing you all a wonderfully inspired week!

Aug 11, 2011

Peek-a-Boo: Fall Inspiration from Missoni & Target

It's not all bad news out there Ladies & Gentlemen.. as some creative minds can always see the silver lined opportunities within every market downturn.

Target, has once again succeeded in doing just that in launching their most recent partnership this Fall with another like minded creative powerhouse - Missoni: the Italian forerunners for over 50 years in turning "all things striped" into home & fashion must haves.

What could be more on trend for this season?

Image via Missoni
Don't you just love the hand drawn notes with little bits of fabric!
Missoni - a company rich in history & family values, as generations of creators have continued the to follow in the grandparents footsteps, just seems like a superb fit with Target as it strives to increase the aesthetic appeal of it's product while providing entire families across America with an affordable "Lifestyle" alternative.

This is the first Missoni for Target ad to be revealed - starring non other than the stylish Margherita herself..can't you just imagine walking those Italian streets this Fall?

Image via Fashionista

With a collection of 400 items, from clothing to home accessories and yes..Furniture!...we should all be eagerly awaiting the launch of this new collection on September 13, and with the majority of the items under $40.

One suggestion: don't wait too long to grab some of the items - if the Calypso St Barth's collaboration is anything to go by, everything will be sold out very quickly...

Here are a few sneak peak pics of whats to come...

All Images via Missoni & "All the Way Up Here" blog

and supposedly there is a wonderful Patio set for just under $600...definitely something to think about!

For those of you that have the 'Back to School' bug: Not only have they paired up with Missoni, but on the fashion front, Gwen Stefani will be providing an alternative view to her children's clothing line.

Just a little something to think about...

Happy Shopping!
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