Aug 19, 2011

DAP 360: NY Gift Show - DAY 2 - Trend Alert

This Dec-a-Porter 360* takes another look at the New York Gift Show at the Javits Center.

There is nothing that makes me feel more inspired and energized than that of the hustle & bustle of a trade fair. Especially with everything we have been hearing and seeing about the world's economy, I left Day 2 at NYGIF feeling a sense of optimism. Wading through the heavy traffic in each aisle, once I entered a stand it really did look like they were selling..
Fingers crossed that things are looking up!

So today I felt I would focus on some of the TRENDS I spotted throughout the show...I am a Traditionalist at heart so I can't help but feel excited about an obvious swing back to contemporary interpretations of a more traditional style through form and finish.

I do think that alot of that has to do with us spending more time at home - staycations and all - and wanting a designer version of "Comfort Food" we want to feel cozy at home.

Let's call it "Comfort Design".

So starting off with the warmer hues in finishes. Not the glitzy version (although who doesn't love a little bling here and there) but more of an Etruscan Gold finish on furniture.

Regina Andrew Travertine / Metal tables; Jayes "Caddy"; Tritter Feefer new Greta Table.
For Pricing, Please send an email

Tozai  - A selection of Gold tones, Warm Hues and Pattern with Traditional Form

I definitely spotted alot of yarn/wool handmade ottomans like those from my post last week, but I was especially drawn to handmade blown glass.

These hand blown glass vases are stunning in these smoky, sexy hues.

"Grow" Light, Happy Kiss and Gong Lighting from CALEB SIEMON
The Grow light especially caught my eye - creative new spin on the hanging planter.
All images via web/brochure.

Nature and natural elements abound.
Animal busts in every shape, size, color and material which I mentioned DAY 1's post, but here are 2 examples where Nature does not mean rustic but instead a more
Stylised, Chic, Clean. approach

Great attention to detail was placed on framing and layout. Vivid Colors, Strong graphic statements
All examples of PHEROMONE collection
Images via Pheromone website

Tozai's (Two's Company) Ceramic Animal Busts

Lastly I leave you with two examples of how to bring in some vivid colors into your home.

Alexandra von Furstenberg's: Treasure & Limited edition Gem Box

SELETTI's Trip Furniture Collection
Revamp an old armoire (very important to have some interest in shape and form, like in this example) or just add a pop of color with a small accessory.

There will be more in detail posts of my NYGIF finds over the next few weeks - but for now, enjoy your final few days of summer.

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