Aug 22, 2011

Color Wheel: 175 !! Happy Bursts of Color

Image via Pantone
Pantone - the leader of all things color - has launched 175 new color additions to delight us all for the years to come.

How many ways can I say "Thank You" ?

As a designer known for bringing many layers of color to the stories I create, having more is definitely a good thing.

Here are some of the ways I plan on introducing the new Pantone colors to the mix...

Red/Pink: Cherry reds with both blue and yellow undertones; deeper Cabernet reds with hints of brown; soft Ballerina Pink to a vivacious Deep Rose with blue undertones.

Greens: deep true hunter greens like Climbing Ivy; gemstone influenced emerald greens such as Jolly Green; grayed down blue based greens like Belgian Block and Agave Green.
Vases from Kate Spade - Home; Kelly Wearstler Pink & Green chairs via My Vibe My Life

Blues: periwinkle blues including Paler Halogen and Chambray Blue; watery based teal and aquamarine blues with names like Mykonos Blue and Aqua Splash; 12 new navies including several red based navies; true indigo and more classic navy shades like Night Sky and Evening Blue.

and of course my absolute favorite ...

Room: Thomas Britt - has everything I love

Orange: hot and radiant orange shades with red undertones Tangerine Tango; spicy and deeper oranges with brown like Cinnamon Stick and Marmalade.

Yellow: true yellows including Lemon Meringue and Solar Power; softer, warmer yellow hues reminiscent of Flan and Pear Sorbet.
Browns: pure chocolate browns like Ganache and Chocolate Torte; and in the taupe and khaki family, a Toasted Coconut and Humus.
From Etsy: Wall Sconce:Vintage Cabinet ; Vintage Phone:Hoot and Eye; Vintage Wine Rack Importance of Living

Whites Whites, the purest of the pure and that most classic of shades, were expanded in both warm and cool tones.
Grays: some neutral blue based grays with names like Storm Front and Graphite, as well as some red based and green based grays. Blacks: Black Bean and Tap Shoe

Design by my firm - "Le Club" nightclub
and last but not least...

Purple: vibrant red based purples such as Cherries Jubilee and Granite, several grayed down purples with blue undertones suggestive of a Mesa Rose and some more mystical smokey violet shades.
Mauves: blue based pinks from the palest rose to the deeper azalea tones.

Painting: Damien Hirst;  Damask Paper: Moonsteam Design

How will you be bringing these new colors into your home?

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