Aug 16, 2011


It's that time of year again, and NY city is bustling with movement. This Dec-a-Porter 360* is focusing on the NY Gift Show in the heart of Manhattan, which has once again brought together designers, retailers, artisans alike and these are only but a few of those that stood out to me.

Beginning at the 'Handmade' portion of the show - there were several stands introducing the handwoven plates/bowls from Africa with the bold pattern and strong vivid colors, how could I not be?

Steve Parkes - (Booth #5234) This stand though stood out from the rest, for the quality and the design. This wall is fabulous and I was already imagining how I could incorporate it into a new design.

Details - Color options

Then as we continued along, we met a fabulous team of people from AID TO ARTISANS
that help bring out the best in some very skilled and creative young artists from all over the world providing them with economic opportunities through among other things - product development.

I am not a huge fan of real animal heads, however I can absolutely relate to the design interest a wall of animal heads can bring to a scheme. These are especially happy and right on trend - handmade in HAITI, that is another added bonus to incorporating these into our design. Each will be unique as they are hand made papier-mache with different colored applications.

With all these different possibilities and choices, I am imagining this in a Playroom or even a Beach House? Something relaxed, happy and colorful.

And while I am a feeling inspired to redesign my kid's rooms, I stumbled upon a wonderful new take on decals. It's very hard, especially with the recent times, to design our children's bedrooms and have them defined to any one age or even gender for that matter.

This is a great way to allow them to feel inspired and part of the decision making with these child safe fabric covered decal sets from POP & Lolli. They're reusable and re-positionable so the child becomes part of the ever changing design.

And last item of my DAY 1 roundup of the NYGIF, I will leave you with one last child friendly stand was the team from TEGU. They are all made in Honduras and simply beautiful, completely customizable and of course with a great attention to design and detail.

These are the new Fall Colors as well as the great Pocket Pouch. If any of you have kids, you know what a great idea this is - dinner, travel, anywhere on the go and they can be building with no worries as the magnets give it all structure.

(*They are just a charming group of entrepreneurs so visit their site - Thanks guys for being so sweet about us knocking over your stand...!)

Lots more to share, so stay tuned for more NY Gift Show updates.

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