Mar 28, 2012

1-2-3: Architectural Digest Show: Natural Elements

Visiting the Architectural Digest Show this year was a truly wonderful experience.

Day 1 began with a really warm (albeit slightly unusual) breakfast entitled *Mary & Mimosas*, put on by the incredibly gracious hosts Veronika & Tim of Modenus as a huge welcome party for the gathering of the 15 Uber-Bloggers of BLOGTOUR - NYC, each representing different parts of the globe.

Watch out New York!

So don't tell anyone, but instead of sipping what I thought was a cool glass of fresh O.J.... well, let's just say, my cheeks were very rosy for the rest of the day.  Apologies in advance, if some of these images are slightly slanted - they looked straight to me at the time! (it's all Veronika's fault!)

So, back to the business at hand and here begins the coverage of the "AD Show", which gathered so many fantastic brands and artists, designers and design enthusiasts, while providing the oppurtunity to attend some amazing talks, which I was very fortunate to do. (more on that, next week)

First up - Palo Samko.
Brooklyn-based Palo Samko creates one of a kind sustainable furniture by reclaiming pieces of wood beams and sourcing most of his raw materials on a local basis or from demolished building sites.

These leather mirrors had a quirky touch with the option of bronze holders in the shape of a figure (or a sphere if you preferred).

I am a sucker for these little details..
These figures are walking a wooden tight rope, and honestly I couldn't resist sharing these with you. The impeccable details on each figurine was outstanding and yes, that is "George W." being carried across ...

via Palo Samko

Next: Another naturally inspired company is that of Brent Comber.
Brent, working from the hills of Northern Vancouver, brings life to the natural materials through an artistic expression and manipulating the wood, allowing it so shine in a very original way.

I love the spheres that they make, which almost makes you want to reach out and touch them..
Not for cats, or children, but these are sculptures for the indoors or outdoors, provided by nature and with a little helping hand by the team at Brent Comber.

See what I mean? Look at this beautiful environment from "Dos Caminos" created by the team at Yabu Pushelberg Architecs and Brent Comber lighting.

image: eric laignel via


I think I have to find a reason to head over there and have lunch!

Lastly, let me just finish today's post by connecting you to all the wonderful bloggers that participated in Blog Tour NY during a glorious week filled with inspiration and sunshine (and lots of laughter).. Here they are.

You should head over to their blogs and check them out.


1. Stacey Sheppard
2. DreamwallStyle
3. Arianna Trapani
4. Cecy Brooks
5. Will Taylor
6. David John
7. Emily Peck
8. Kelly Morisseau
9. Marilyn Russell-Grant
10. Andrew Dunning
11. Katie Treggiden
12. Kate Baxter
13. Pippa Jameson
14. Carole King
15. Toma Clark Haines

There is a long list of fantastic sponsors as well, and a huge thank you to all for making this event possible. Please visit Modenus, and see each post on their products as well.
More to come from the Architectural Digest Show


  1. Gorgeous spaces! Love the mirror and the stretcher on the barstools are such a nice detail!

    1. Thank you Christy for all your feedback! These were but just a few of the great brands at the show.


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