Feb 5, 2013

DAP 360* - Celerie Kemble Schumacher Collection - Part 1

Celerie Kemble, Editor-in-Chief Kendell Cronstrom of NY Cottages & Gardens and me at Schumacher showroom - DDB

Acclaimed interior designer Celerie Kemble of Kemble Interiors introduces a new twist on the classics as she brings a fresh perspective to timeless motifs in her debut wallcovering collection exclusively for Schumacher.

Since 1889, F. Schumacher & Co. has continued to be one of the leading family owned suppliers of decorative textiles since the 19th century, which still maintains it's ownership & management by direct descendants of the original founder.

Fabrics and wallcoverings, that are part of collections in the White House, the Chambers of the United States Supreme Court and homes and commercial spaces across the United States and abroad, Schumacher has been known to create fabulous partnerships with leading designers all the while allowing for each to express themselves with style & creative freedom that is refreshing and appreciated by many designers - myself included!

The new Wallcovering collection, by Celerie Kemble, is no exception.
With a vibrant, unexpected and sophisticated color palette ranging from chic black, gold and ivory to dramatic shades of orange, turquoise and plum - Kemble's emblematic style shines through in this collection.

Patterns inspired by decorative arts motifs, botanical elements and archival textile designs have been reinterpreted in bold new ways through scale, color and graphic rendering on hand printed sisals.

I was able to interview both Celerie Kemble & the team at Schumacher late last year. This 2 part series covers the inspiration behind the collection & how their relationship came about.

DAP: What most attracted you to Celerie Kemble as a possible design collaboration?

S: Celerie's aesthetic is rooted in the classics with a thoroughly modern point of view, which blends beautifully with the Schumacher brand's emphasis on updated and reinterpreted traditional design. It is a joy to collaborate with Celerie!

Celerie Kemble's mood boards for her latest wallcovering collection for Schumacher

The process is not only fun but very focused on the needs of the interior designer.

Her love of color and pattern is very evident in all we have done for both collections, and the response to the collections by the design community has been amazing.

Celerie Kemble / Schumacher Fabric collection

Celerie’s designs strike a chord with not only traditional designers but also those with a more contemporary look.

DAP: The use of pattern and color on these grass cloths is a very complex and careful process which heavily relies on the skilled artisans that Schumacher has to create each and every piece. Could you please briefly describe this process?
S: Each pattern is hand screen printed on natural sisal grounds, one color and one repeat at a time. A great deal of care must be taken to keep the printing consistent from repeat to repeat and from side to side - which requires more skill due to the textured surface. 

The end result is a wonderful blend of bold color, graphic pattern and soft texture. 

the kemble wallcoverings for schumacher

S: Celerie has her own specific design vocabulary, which is true of each designer we work with, and becomes evident when favorite motifs and patterns are requested.

She loves designs that are based in both the decorative arts and in nature, sometimes combining the two together.

all images via "for musing" - Kemble's Pinterest board of inspiration

Her aesthetic is feminine, but with a strong and modern spirit.

All images on Celerie Kemble's Pinterst Board. "Wall Treatments"
1/Photo: Eric Morin 2/Antique Delft Tiles via Katy Elliott 3/via lonny 4/via

Her color sense is clear and fashion-inspired, but also has a subtle sense of sophistication, often resulting in unexpected combinations of hues. 

Celerie Kemble's vivid color play can be seen through other examples of her work, such as this New York City apartment via Lonny's September/October 2011  issue. First designed as a model apartment, the new owners asked Celerie back in to recreate the space for their family.

images via Lonny Magazine - Set/Oct 2011

via Kemble interiors
with this kitchen being one of the most visible Kemble pins, with fresh colors and a gorgeous banquette - the envy of many!

DAP: What has been the ‘best seller’ so far of the new collection? Any stand out pieces or colors that are attracting the most attention?

S: It is quite early yet, and the entire collection has received an amazing response. However, Feather Bloom has caught the attention of many designers due to its impressive scale and unusual, floral based design. 

Feather Bloom - Grass cloth collection for Schumacher

DAP: What are you looking for in a Designer when considering working with them on a design collaboration?

S: We look to partner with designers who have a presence in the interior design community and who have an aesthetic that is sympathetic to the Schumacher brand direction. It is very important for any designer who we may work with to have a very specific design language and have a great love and understanding of pattern and color. 

Having just a few ideas is generally not sufficient for developing a collection – there must be a range of designs, ideas, and consistency of viewpoint to build a cohesive and distinct collection.

Make sure to visit Part 2, as I share my interview with Celerie to hear her thoughts on the collection and how she imagines these being used! You won't want to miss it.

In the meantime, make sure to visit Schumacher and have a look for yourself at why this collection has been such a huge hit! 

                                  Schumacher / Celerie Kemble Collection

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