Aug 29, 2012

New York Gift Show: Ceramic Delight by Klein Reid

Sometimes it takes a visit to a trade show to introduce you to a local vendor. That is exactly what happened as I walked into the Klein Reid stand at this month's New York Gift Show. Local artists and sculptors James Klein and David Reid set up their studio in 1993, in Long Island City and the rest is history...

via Klein Reid

They are known for events, courses and well planned studio open house parties but perhaps even more so for their bbeautifully hand made ceramic pieces. Only one of the reasons this duo has had attention from major retailers worldwide and celebrities alike.

I love the classical shapes and use of multiples to create one larger piece. One of these groups on the center of a table, with or without great flowers, are sublime in their simplicity.

But it was these pieces, with the combination of hand turned warm walnut pieces and handmade ceramic vases and bowls that really caught my eye.

The transition between each material was seamless, and each piece was elegant and refined while still maintaining it's handmade and unique quality. Just perfection!

Glazed pieces with hand-turned, warm solid walnut. Perfect alone or in as part of a group

Solid walnut, FSC-compliant wood, hand-turned and finished in the USA.  

These wooden tops are part of their limited-edition series for Herman Miller. Love them and of course both the first and second editions have already sold out!

For those that prefer a little more texture - well that is absolutely possible within their vast selection of pieces.
They are part of museum shows, which have incorporated their work within exhibitions and solo showings and I am sure you can spot them on several TV and movie sets as colorful "go-to" accent pieces for many set designers.


Still Life Wood Set

Lastly, this fantastic set of ceramic logs are sculptural and wonderfully realistic for any fireplace setting..and have picked up by Elle Decor!

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