Aug 2, 2012

BlogHer 2012: Day 1 with OLIOBOARD on my mind

Getting out the door, driving with the rush hour excitement into the heart of New York City and walking into the entrance of the hotel for #BlogHer12 was really a great way to start this experience.

My first day was jam packed and I will need to spend a day digesting everything so I thought I would share a little bit about Olioboard and what it actually is for those of you that are new friends from #BlogHer12 that might not know. is an online social 2D & 3D moodboard generator, WITH the added bonus of having a great selection of 150,000 + products which you can drag & drop into your board from amazing partner brands, such as Posh Tots, Layla Grace, Zinc Door, and many more.

Collect Sets and Items
collect sets and items
Build your collection with fabulous items, color swatches, fabric samples, materials & more.
Create a Moodboard
create a moodboard
An Olioboard (or moodboard) is yours to craft -- an interactive tool to experiment with the style and mood of a space.
Share Your Style
share your style
Quickly explore design directions, get feedback, and share your style with others.

A few fun facts:

  1. Olioboard is based in Vancouver, Canada HQ’d and started in June 2010.

  2. In February, 2012, MASHABLE named Olioboard as one of their: Top Ten Hot New Tech Startups Changing the Face of Retail and they were also featured on the Today Show, the Nate Berkus Show and City Line Canada.

  3. In April 2012, One Kings Lane became the first flash sale site to become a super affiliate partner and Benjamin Moore announced a formal color partnership with Olioboard’s site.

  4. Today the numbers have skyrocketed to over 83,000 active community members and counting and has pageviews in the millions. It is truly incredible the positive response that it has received.

These were the boards that I made for The Nate Berkus SHow from the selection of product we were given. They can be simple or a little more realistic - whatever is easier for you.

So all you have to do, is create a login, start creating your mood boards by dragging & dropping the pictures and its all for free. (and if you have a product line, you can add it to Olioboard and earn money by making your collection shoppable!!) Oh ya, baby (no pun intended).

I even made up these big Biz Cards for #BlogHer12
Aren't they cute?

AND if that wasn't enough, and if you are a Pinterest fan (KIND OF LIKE ME) than you can always add any PIN you have collected (of course as long as its not copyrighted) or upload images from your computer to your Olioboard account.

Plus, Olioboard’s can be kept private or made public. What does that mean to you?
  1. If you just want to use the great moodboard generator and the access to MANY, MANY great brands products to generate boards for your blog - than that would be great too! What a time saver.
  2. If you want to benefit from referral site traffic - give it your best and promote yourself and your blog.
  3. Another great idea is to participate in the contests and fun events such as these community members did - and look what they got! A fantastic opportunity to possibly become the next High Point Market Style Spotter! I was lucky enough to be one last Market (check out my finds on Pinterest here and here ) and I understand why there were so many applicants - it was a huge opportunity and alot of fun.

Olioboard Contest to Select 9th Style Spotter for High Point Market this October

Everyone will be able to vote for their favorite Olioboard. When voting closes on Aug. 22, the design with the most votes will win and the finalist will be named to the Style Spotters for the October Market.
The winner will join this great group of Style Spotters in October:

Each of the 15 finalists were given a limited set of products to use by only High Point manufacturers who are exhibitors at Market and the results are great!

Only YOUR votes will decide which lucky lady out of 15 gets to go, and there is less than 19 days to vote! Please help spread the #OlioLove for this contest by sharing the voting link far and wide! It's a VERY BIG deal for the one finalist chosen by the public's votes! --> Here's the link to share so everyone can see the entries and vote! #OlioLove, thank you and good luck to all!

So you see, its fun, its free, and most of all its easy to use.Why not give it a try and come back and let me know what you think!

*please note: I am sponsored to attend the BlogHer 12 conference on behalf of Olioboard. However, any thoughts I have expressed in this post are genuine .. I wouldn't say them otherwise!


  1. The Olioboard fun facts are great Jennifer!! And thanks for the Style Spotter competion shout out...I sure would love to win:)

  2. Thank you Jennifer for the sharing. Thrilled to be in the competition with some great talents. The competition is tough!
    Olio board is such fun, having just tried it out over the past few weeks.
    Hope to see you soon-


  3. Super post! Thanks so much for your thoroughness and including all the finalists in the Style Spotter competition, including me! Yay! I'm so honored to be a part of this amazing contest!

  4. Awesome Post. I've been a huge supporter of Olioboard. It has been a lifesaver for me and a huge creative outlet. I am so excited to see which fabulously talented finalist will be the next Style Spotter.

  5. I have heard of Olioboard but never tried it-now I will give it a go though-great post thanks! :-)

  6. Excellent read Jennifer! I love all the creativity that comes from these board creations. Its really just as easy as you've pointed out. As for the style spotter boards, they are great! It will be fun to see who comes out as the winner. Thanks for the share!


  7. Fabulous post and great info on Olioboard! It's a stuff competition with so much talent! Enjoy BlogHer!!

    1. That would be "stiff"!! Cell phones are not nice without coffee!!


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