Aug 16, 2012

DAP 360* - Graca Viterbo - Hotel Bela Vista Part 4

Playful stripes and happy polka dots played an important role in Graca Viterbo's redesign of the Hotel Bela Vista, as they fill the corridors and leap across the rooms.

Is it really any wonder why the New York Times and Trip Advisor among others have nominated it as one of 2012 best hotels?
So why stripes?


The use of stripes in design and architecture is evident throughout history and as part of many buildings in Europe. Perhaps most iconically are the black and white stripes of the Gothic facade and interior of the Siena Duomo in Italy.

Black and white stripes - is there possibly anything more contemporary in design? And so when looking through the images of all the rooms throughout the hotel, it struck me that this was one of the elements that was a constant. A common thread that repeats itself throughout the Viterbo reinterpretation of this turn of the century palace.
From yesterday's post on the bedrooms, where they are part of the drapery, or as painted stripes on the walls..

or in the Resaturant above with black and white striped arm chairs only accented by a red fringe..

The infusion of color repeats once again as the red stripes return once again upstairs in one of the rooms..

and stripes, both vertical tiled accents on the headboard, or painted bold stripes on the armoire..

on carpeting, pillows or in a combination of polka dots upon stripes playfully juxtaposed against each other.

they line the walls, furniture and balconies of this hotel.

In case you missed the other posts on this hotel, the first post covered the steep historical use of the tiles throughout this palacete here, or the very revealing before & after shots of the Bar, or all about color from yesterday's post.

Tomorrow: The final look ending with the Mediterranean glam outdoors and Spa! You won't want to miss it!

*all images courtesy of Graca Viterbo.


  1. The use of primary colors are so bold and strikingly gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love the balconies! They look so fun.


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