Aug 28, 2012

New York Gift Show: Coastal Decor Gone Urban

Oly Studio - Over-sized sea urchin accessory

Taking lead from yesterday's Natural Art inspired post, today I wanted to continue along those lines and share a few finds from other areas of the New York Gift Show.

The use of Seaside inspired materials doesn't always have to be part of a Beach house design, or and island resort, but can become a part of your urban lifestyle statement as well. It just needs to be seen in another context, and I especially enjoy the way it adds texture and a sense of a story to a home.

LomBok Ornament (Large Shell)
by Oly Studio

Take this over-sized sea urchin or shell from Oly Studio for example - hardly a more "urban outfit" for any home exists. These become architectural "objet d'art" within this set, right on target with a hint of black and white hide, on trend pillows.

The use of multiples, whether shells, rattan strands or ropes and knots can also become more of a pattern and textural choice rather than theme inspired at all.

These great accessory items from Lazy Susan  with layered shells and natural objects are testament that multiples are always a fantastic design element. Your eyes need to work to find the pattern, create the sequence, and therefore keep you interested even with the simplest of forms.

Baskets and Mirrors, woven rattan and wicker, thick and thin ... once again these Lazy Susan pieces are subtle statements while remaining understated and soothing with their natural overtones.

Mirrors are always wonderful elements of "Wall Art" with function and design & these 3 examples from the "Watercolors" collection of Two's Company themed vignette are no exception while generously enriched with seashells and natural fibers.

Seashells can be used in many ways and mixed with other natural elements, such as crystals and geodes, can be taken to another level of sophistication and elegance as sculptures within their own right.

Once more, the multiple use of shells and small coral like elements from the Nate Ricketts collection are simply beautiful.

For a bookshelf or mantel, table top or vanity, these jewels are almost to precious to use and yet, simply irresistible.

More on my trip to the New York Gift Show as the week continues. Hope you have enjoyed the coverage so far.


  1. Great post! Love Nate Ricketts designs!

  2. Love all of the items you showcased Jennifer! Some of them make me want to go to the beach, obviously not right now, since Tropical Storm Issac is on its way to the Gulf. My favorite was the shell lamp that looks like a flower.


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