Aug 27, 2012

New York Gift Show: Natural Art

Art is one of the key elements of any great design..
It is a way to introduce color, texture and pattern and mix things up a bit!

I especially enjoy when I come across great artists in a trade show, and especially if I am looking for some special pieces for clients. What a rush to come back from a show and be able to place one of them in a new happy home... This was true of the last New York Gift show and fingers crossed it will happen again.

Perhaps because I am still not ready for Summer to end, or maybe it is because I love surrounding myself with elements of nature and with the Fall fashion inspiration at my heels, I couldn't wait to share these nature inspired Contemporary Botanical Art pieces and some Natural works of art with flowers and twigs.

The State of Nature - Longstreet Collection

These "State of Nature and "Primitive State" photograms from Longstreet Collection takes the art of photography to a whole new level with negative like silhouettes of layered wildlife...

and a silent homage to the French naive painter Henri Rousseau, known for his dreamlike jungle paintings

Jungle with tiger and hunters from Henri Rousseau

or a more graphic like approach with these colorful Peacock Triptychs that could be the icing in a fun kid's room.

If you are more inclined to have a slightly more traditionally inspired botanical theme, why not these great pieces from Two's Company with smart mirrored frames and black background which only makes those colors pop even more!

For those that feel that nature has no competition and want to keep it Natural - here are a few choices that won't break the bank and will give you more then enough to start the conversation over dinner...

Natural Curiosities always find ways to show us a new take on shadow boxes, with these Nest and Feather frenzy framed statement pieces.

From the fields of Carmel Valley in North Carolina, each of these branches are freely manipulated & woven together to create this unique shape while they are still green.

These "Golden Feathers" are dipped in gold and loosely allowed to fall onto the linen sheet which is to become their new home..
Chance and happenstance, free falling art forms are unique hand made & incredibly modern introductions into their line.

While staying in the free form natural art work I came to meet the artist Julie Anne this New York Gift Show and was completely obsessed with her art work.

Pure white "Bleached Willow" layered branches

 or rows and rows of pressed yellow daisies

to the most stunning shadow box of all - a "Moss" field like no other, with layers upon layers of thoughtfully placed bark and moss create entirely unique Gardens for your walls.

Just look at the detail and texture in this piece!

Let me know what you think ~ See one of these in your home or next design scheme?

Tomorrow takes this nature inspired art to another level, as my New York Gift Show coverage continues... but in case you missed last weeks posts:
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head on over to those posts now!

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