May 16, 2011

Ode to Portugal

I think before I start getting into it I should really begin at the beginning and properly state how much I loved & love Portugal. Of course, there is the obvious connection - that's where I found love and became a mom..etc but it really was more importantly where I began seeing the world through the eyes of an adult..and a professional.

Viana do Castelo
Even in such a traditional setting - the repetition of the flower pots
 just gets me thinking...I love repeats!
 I think I may even create a regular dedication to all things "Portuguese". Now, I don't mean the food, or the music..although they are both great, but perhaps more like the architecture, design, craftsmanship and hard working good nature of the Portuguese people.

Le Club - Bar, Restaurant and Nightclub (Algarve)
 but that's not what this blog is about. No. Portugal has been the root of many an inspiration.
ya..a little more like this

My space in a Designer Show house: a fireplace surround embellished with plaster motifs
Crere Portugal

So really there is a lot to offer up in all things Portuguese (let's just say I am an honoree citizen) and not only design from my firm while I was there but also from the many great colleagues I was so honored to share that melting pot with.

More to come...

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