Sep 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out with the Bloggers of Brizo Blogger19

Most of you know and have heard about Fashion's Night Out and as the group of Fashionistas that I am attending the Brizo Blogger19 event (as I talked about in my last two posts - here and here) and I finished our culinary journey at the incredible Sur la Table we decided to paint the town and headed over to Bergdorf Goodman!

So in case you haven't been following along on Facebook or on Intsagram - first of all, Shame on You!..and so I thought I would share with you some of the snapshots from my visit to the Party happening at the Iconic Bergdorfs.. with this incredible live bouquet Ceiling Light Fixture made of bamboo...

A Main Floor installation by renowned Belgian floral architect Daniel Ost.  The walls and ceiling were layered with structures (some which hang) that have been created with bamboo and over 500 lavender orchids.

To help set the stage: just try and imagine great music playing with fantastic DJ's on every floor...

thanks to the very kind foot model - Laurie Gorelick 

just a few of the pretty things that caught my eye.. 
Glad there wasn't much time for shopping!

Tomorrow - I am off to the Jason Wu Fashion show and can't wait to share it all with you!


  1. Too bad!! I missed Bergdorf! Looks like I missed a lot too!

  2. Thanks for adding the picture of my well dressed foot! Christian Louboutin's @ $4,000. The most expensive thing I've ever worn and just on one foot!

  3. I love the bamboo art. A lot of flowers are hanged with green bamboos are giving the impression of flying garden.

  4. Love Laurie's comment!! Ha! Wish I could've stopped by there too! Already missing all the fabulous Brizo ladies!!



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