Sep 12, 2012

London Calling: BlogTour London Here I Come!

Have you heard about BlogTour?

Well.. it is one of the most coveted international blogging events and is organized by the team at Modenus.

What is Modenus, you ask? The "Go-To" online resource platforms that is all about networking and sharing everything you & I need to know about the latest products, designers, architects, builders, artists, and so much more from all around the world. An encyclopedia, if you will, of all things Design related.

Last year, Modenus took on the daunting task of putting together and successfully launching the BlogTour campaign with an incredible set of bloggers, in London.  Whether about trends, or new products and brands or the inspiration, it was all captured and shared as they took in this  international experience as a group.

Earlier this year, Modenus continued on with another successful adventure - but this time in the "Big Apple" with BlogTourNYC, , in March, where another group of formidable bloggers were selected to attend some of the highlights in NYC like the Architectural Digest Show & the Dining by Design event.

I met up with them all and boy did we have some fun with a great #MaryandMimosas afternoon drink while sharing our thoughts about all we had to see at the show and around town.
Here were some of my posts from that show:

An amazing event, that brought much needed attention to many of the vendors, brands and exhibitors with each sharing there own perspective and view of everything they saw. During these design events, it is crucial for the event's overall lasting success to have these reports in so many individual voices, as these last forever and can always be used to further promote their product and brand.

So, the day I heard about being selected as one of the lucky bloggers that would be attending the next BlogTour event in LONDON of all places.. my heart nearly stopped!

<<- You might have noticed the black badge to the left, and I wear that badge here with honor ..and happy to be part of this amazing group of designers, bloggers, and creatives that will all be reporting starting Sept 19th from London.

To get all the links for each blogger: visit modenus here

Why does London mean so much to me? Let me give you a little background ..
I had always wanted to go to Boarding School.. and was lucky enough to have parents that agreed to let me attend Carmel College, near Oxford. This was the beginning with my love affair with England! It was simply a magical moment of my life, and I still have friends from that time.

River Thames passing Carmel College, near Wallingford, Oxfordshire by ceeko

So, after another move and once I finished high school, now in Jerusalem, I had to find a way back. I was convinced that it was where I needed to be ... and boy was I right!

The second I stepped off the plane, I had the feeling that I was home and it is the same feeling I have every time I visit.

I started my London journey at Christie's Education and it was an amazing time of learning, not only about the world of art but also discovering the what I thought was simply the most incredible city in the world.

My local digs were in and around South Kensington, and in those days you as a student you could rent a room in wonderful apartments in that area (just a note: in those days, a ride on the "tube" only cost 60 pence!).. and the bubbling feeling of growth, prosperity and huge change was so apparent that it was simply incredible to simply be part of it.

After that it was all about courses at the V&A,

Sculpture by architect Zaha Hadid, made of black crystals individually suspended on wires to make a shape which looks like a swarm of bees, hence it’s name of Swarm. via

starting to work at the Barbican Centre,

Barbican Centre via

and getting my foot in the door in the world of Art & Auction houses!

Antony Gormley's 'terracotta army' invades Devon barn via

So headed back to London after many years of travel, starting a family and a career is always wonderful and a cause for celebration... and on this trip, I will even be celebrating my birthday!
There is no better birthday gift - So Thank You Modenus for including me and Stay Tuned for lots of updates on the Sponsors and the team that is making this all possible.


  1. You have the most interesting background! How perfect that you are going, can't wait to read your posts!

  2. What an exciting opportunity! Look forward to seeing all your finds! Happy early birthday too!!!


  3. Anyone who quotes the Clash is good by me. Look forward to seeing you back home next week. Modenus Tim

  4. Can't wait to see/hear all ab your trip!! So excited for you, wish I was going!!



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