Sep 21, 2012

BlogTour London: Day 2 in Visuals

Thanks the Lynn Byrne - My "Kate" paparazzi moment
was caught on film

As everyone seemed to love the Day 1 shots, here are the images that caught my eye as we toured around London visiting events of the London Design Festival with the Fabulous 14 Bloggers of BlogTour London on Day 2.

Our day began with a warm and scrumptious breakfast, that filled the soul at Bill's Cafe in Convent Garden area, hosted by the absolutely lovely Mr. Steam Vice President, Martha Orellana, who came for the London Design Festival to represent the company, and to attend BlogTour events as well.

Thanks to Mr Steam - for the lovely morning

Can I just say how amazing it is, that they decided to join in with us as we toured the events, as one of the sponsors for this event... The pleasure of being able to connect genuinely with those that are supporting us and Modenus has been truly a highlight.

So as we took a walk along the streets of this fun and bustling shopping area.. these are my images that share the experience with all of you.

Mr Goodwill Hunting - Rashon, getting into the English state of mind at Ted Baker 

Our very own "Chatti Patti" - Patti Johnson making friends in Covent Garden
Make sure to check out her FAB blog background for BlogTour

"Mind the Gap"

Always happy - Igor Josif and the sweet Vitania of Verdigris Vie

Architectural Details - Sloane St

a little window shopping

Color Coordinated
Outfit + Biz Card!
Snap.. Snap!
Rashon takes Nyla Free & Igor's pic!

oh ya.. this puppy coming home with me!

I .. Love.. You!

Peter Jones - Lighting the Stairs
The amazing - Patisserie Valerie in Knightsbridge
A favorite of mine.. YUM!

and for those of you .. like me and my husband - you will get this
The Sound of Music cast - Reunited!
English TV show in the morning.. how great!
*And yes there are subtitles! I can't take them away!!*

Hope you have loved these shots.. we are really having a wonderful time

Thanks as always to all the sponsors, and please go back and read up on the previous posts on BlogTour London. More soon!


  1. All I can say is wow! This looks like so much fun! thanks for taking us along on the tour!! Have a great time! P.S. thanks for putting me on your blog roll!! You are the best!

  2. Oh my goodness Jennifer! Amazing photos!! Love everything. Wish I was there!!!

  3. Jennifer you look great in that London Calling cab and the walkway between the two buildings is spectacular!!


  4. Oh my, this is soooo great!! What fun pics!! I loved our time in London, Jennifer!!! You have such a wonderful personality - hope to see you again one day!! Hugs from Munich, Igor


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