Oct 3, 2012

BlogTour London: The Victoria & Albert Museum for London Design Festival

As part of my adventures on my trip with BlogTour London, I was able to spend a few hours visiting the Victoria & Albert Museum in the heart of London - right between South Kensington and Knightsbridge with two of the BlogTour London team, Jill of Material Girls Blog LA  and Lynn of Decor Arts Now.

As an integral part of the London Design Festival for the past 4 years, many areas and rooms of the V&A museum had surprise features from artists and creators of every field that participated in creating experiences that every visitor could enjoy and appreciate.

Jill & Lynn walking the Walk the Light Tunnel 

An interactive light display by Cinimod Studio, that walks the tunnel with you (or in some cases, after you....) as seen in this video ... 

"It is a given that light changes space, but in “Walk the Light” it 
becomes the visitor who determines that change in the lighting..."

"Using a combination of technologies, including thermal camera tracking and Philips LED lighting mounted on a moving monorail, Walk The Light demonstrates lighting design’s increasing sophistication as it playfully – and beautifully — transforms the experience of arriving at the Museum."

The main entrance of the Victoria & Albert Museum rotunda, with the 30 foot V&A Chandelier
designed by glass artist Dale Chihuly and completed in 2000.
Dale Chihuly glass Chandelier under the dome of the main entrance, and the magnificent halls and rooms are always a beautiful welcome staple as we enter the V&A experience.

For those that watched the London Olympics as attentively as I did, you would have recognized the name Heatherwick I am sure, as the creators of the Olympic cauldron

The London based studio led by Thomas Heatherwick has been responsible for many well received installations and the entrance of the V&A was no exception.
In keeping with the use of multiple "sea urchin" like spikes,

Heatherwick Studio's recycled 208 traffic cones, and with a few splashes of white paint, and highlighted with a reflective band that gives a little shimmer overhead as the welcoming canopy off the main entrance into the museum. 

Another Heatherwick feature, were these fun "Spun" stools nominated for a Design Award in 2011 and made out of molded plastic .. and as you can see, Jill, Lynn and I had a lot of fun spinning around in them!

"Spun" chairs by Heatherwick Studio

The halls of the Museum are filled with children, families and visitors.. all taking in the different levels of architecture, design, art and the overwhelming power of culture infused within these walls.
Some of the most wonderful summer months when I was still studying in London were spent taking courses here at this museum.

Part of the Ballgown exhibition currently on as a main feature of the Museum's ongoing showcases this season, I highly recommend spending some time visiting this exhibit.

Necklace: Rayo (1800-50 Shah)
We only had a few moments to view it all but the stunning fashion statement pieces and well designed exhibition cabinets, such as this great looking and almost "Downton Abbey-esque" display really made it difficult to leave.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the London Design Festival, a few very top secret spaces were made available to the public, one in particular was the cupola, where the work "Prism", by Keiichi Matsuda was visited by only a few very lucky individuals. 
As you approach the higher levels of the museum, you are welcomed by a wonderful selection of ceramics, from well known designers and artisans.

Girl Baptized in Gold by Kim Simonsson

1/ Blue & white stripes (Japan) Condiment set (Soya, Salt & Pepper) 2/Black & White vase, by Robert Obsieger
3/ Wedgewood "Defying Gravity"

This sculptural and digital installation is the highest of point of the museum and is constantly receiving "digital feed"

1/ & 2/ Images: © Keiichi Matsuda commissioned by Veuve Clicquot at the V&A, 3/Bonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0

The Prism's faceted screens have and 5 projectors, where real time information about the city and the design event are being shared simultaneously while creating a 21st Century visual of artistic interpretations, acting as a metaphor for the city's complex & diverse fibers, and that which distinguishes it as one of the world's most remarkable.

The View - Looking up at the Prism

The View - from up above, looking down

Thanks again to Modenus and all the fantastic sponsors that made BlogTour possible, and so much more to come still on the blog. 

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  1. What a cool museum! Looks like y'all had a blast!



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