Oct 17, 2012

Fall Market at D&D: Lee Jofa with Kelly Wearstler & Robert Brown

September and October are the very busy months in the world of design and New York City has a lot to offer!  As I shared with you last week, I was part of a group of bloggers invited to be part of covering the Fall Market presentations taking place at the New York Design & Decoration Building.

For those of you that followed along on twitter and instagram, you would have seen and read a few of the highlights, but I wanted to share with you a few of the trends and design highlights for me as I spent these two days racing between floors and showrooms, trying to gather as much of it all as possible so I thought I would start off with a lovely visit to the Lee Jofa showroom on the 2nd floor.

Two key areas stood out for me in this showroom, with a featured room and book signing taking place in the Robert Brown for MacRae welcoming us with warm grays and a shot of pink, as well as the Kelly Wearstler showcase of fabrics and accessories.

LEE JOFA Showroom: Kelly Wearstler & Robert Brown for MacRae

Kelly Wearstler corner - Lee Jofa showroom
Renknowned interior designer, author, blogger, and all around fashion and style icon, Kelly Wearstler's collection for Groundworks was on show in the Lee Jofa showroom! This collection has some really great statement pieces as well as the always sophisticated classics and solids in beautiful tones.

For those living under a rock, Kelly Wearstler has been named one of the best dressed of the year by Vogue; a "Design 100" icon by Time Style & Design and has been on the Los Angeles Times’ bestseller list and is featured on 1st Dibs this week, with some beautiful images of her stunning Los Angeles showroom on Melrose, which I visited last year - and take it from me, it itself is worth the trip!

Her interior design style and fashion inspiration are shared on her blog: My Vibe My Life and her work from the Avalon Hotel to private homes across the globe, are always laden with color, pattern and a feast of details.

Kelly Wearstler Design: via

Lee Jofa Showroom @ Design & Decoration Building: Kelly Wearstler corner
Chaise with CHANNELS IN PERIWINKLE/OATGWF-3101-516 & Groundworks MINERAL INDIGO/SLATE GWF-3104.511
 and the Robert Brown room for MacRae

Another new collection comes from Atlanta designer, Robert Brown, for Holland/ Macrae. Named Southeast Designer of the Year by Veranda Magazine, Robert Brown shares his inspiration and design finds through his company blog "According to Mr Brown."

Photos via Erica George Dines/Lee Jofa

In 2010, Robert Brown formed his partnership with MacRae in creating a furniture collection hand crafted in England and distributed nationally through Lee Jofa. 
I tend to use a lot of texture and neutral colors in all of my work. I like to really ‘layer’ the design,” said Brown. “I typically infuse color in small doses.”
Warm tones, classical lines, and quality craftsmanship make up this furniture collection  and are staple elements throughout all of his design work.

Robert Brown design (Photo: Erica George Dines/Lee Jofa) & seating products; Book Signing in Robert Brown/MacRae room

Another great new offering that was presented by Lee Jofa, was "Workroom" - "a custom upholstery program that provides bench made sofas and chairs tailored specifically to your needs. The best part, aside from the perfect styling and customization, is the four week lead time."

Getting to walk around the showroom, and have these two distinct areas among other niches so well presented, is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.


  1. Brilliant! Love the post, and always enjoy seeing your smiling face. Great post.

  2. Wish I could've been a part of this! Great post and love everything about Lee Jofa!! That Kelly Werstler fabric on the chaise is gorgeous.



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